3 thoughts on “My Marriage Is Saved

  1. Over the weekend, Mr. BuggyQ and I just got our first invitation to a same-sex wedding. I wish Colorado recognized them, but even so, I’m glad to be a witness to a public expression of love. These are two wonderful ladies, and I’m thrilled that they think highly enough of us to ask us to be there.
    I helped Mr. BuggyQ photograph a wedding (“Now we need groom and ring-bearer…”) on Saturday, and was reminded again how marriage-affirming attending a wedding can be. All through the service and through the reception, I kept finding myself thinking again about how lucky I am to be with someone I love.
    I’m looking forward to our friends’ wedding, because I can’t think of a wedding that could be more marriage-affirming than one between two people who have chosen each other in the face of opposition from a vocal segment of our society.

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