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  1. Re: America! Fuck yeah!
    The sad thing about lecturers/adjuncts/part-time faculty at institutions of higher education is that in many cases, these are the teachers who care most about *teaching* at these places. You have to care a lot about something to be willing to do it for the peanuts most colleges and universities pay, to be willing to do it without any guarantee of stability, without any health insurance or other benefits. Hell, I’m still at my full-time job mainly because it allows me to teach part-time.
    And even in the many, many cases where the full-timers/tenured faculty really do want to spend their energies teaching, often at universities the publish-or-perish doctrine forces them to spend more time researching and writing than helping students learn.
    This is why I’m at a community college. At least here I feel like there’s a little more focus on the needs of the students.

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