Build A Wall

At least some part of the economy is booming:

Tetra Tech, a California-based company that helped build the border wall near San Diego, is close to completing this $12 million, 3.4-mile section near the Santa Teresa Point of Entry, federal officials said.

It’s part of a $460 million contract awarded to Tetra Tech and others last year to erect a border fence for the Army Corps of Engineers.

The project includes 53 miles of fencing designed to impede foot and vehicle traffic in the Border Patrol’s El Paso sector, which includes all of New Mexico as well as Texas’ two westernmost counties.

Tight timetable

Homeland Security is furiously working to complete construction of a planned 670 miles of fence along the southern border before the Bush administration ends in eight months.

Levees are too expensive. Schools, hospitals, bridges, all of it, too pricey. This, though, we can do.

Hat tip to report from the heartland.


2 thoughts on “Build A Wall

  1. literally the money quote:
    “According to a 2007 study by the Congressional Research Service, the fence could cost up to $70 million a mile to build and maintain over the next 25 years. At 670 miles, the cost could run as high as $47 billion, which doesn’t include the cost of acquiring the land.”
    all this and it fucks up the environment too! a win-win for the Bushies!

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