Whose Tongues Were All Broken: Galactica Thread



That’s when the first piece of wreckage hits. In mutiny we turn our guns upon ourselves. Everyone that comes after war makes their ginger way through what’s left behind. Like Uwano and Onoda, like the unlucky victims of the Guardians, like you and me and the children of the Exodus. Have you ever seenBabylon 5? This is what it comes down to: not war, but everything after. The echoes and the ripples and the unspent mine fields of war.

Spoilers within. Boom boom boom.

You know, I think in the coming months these threads will just consist of the words WHAT and FRACK and WHAT again. This is a show that, over and over again, gets you with the moments that on any other show you’d think were accidents: the way the humans jumped out of the way of those awful, clanking Centurions, and how the Vipers looked, inside the Base Ship.

It’s all getting more and more mixed up, who is who and what is what and how in the end you can barely tell where you started out, that you’re that far away. Look at pictures of you, from twenty years ago, before the world burned down and you turned into a suicide bomber and kept secret matters of major national security. Whois that person, and how did she get from that to this? There’s the stuff you can blame on the apocalypse and then there’s the stuff you did because you damn well felt like it. Which is which? Were you lying to yourself then or are you doing it now?

Quick takes: Michael Angeli. Laura’s a raging bitchmonster and Tory’s selling her body for information. I am so glad I’m not this dude’s sister, because he has some creepy female power shit going on that must beway fun to be around.

Hera was … alone in the Agathon quarters until Sharon got home? The babysitter is like the Computer in Star Trek, invisible? I’m writing someone a letter about this. Also, when did Hera get so fucking creepy? I know kids her age and they’re not that scary.

Lee, stop trying to scare Laura. She’s ten seconds away from seeing the face of God up close and personal, she does not give afrack that the Quorum thinks she sucks, okay? I really loathe him lately, even if I do want to borrow his tailor for Mr. A.

Michael Hogan continually rocks my socks.

We know so much about Baltar’s inner greasy creepazoid life that I sometimes forget how little the rest of the characters know, and so it’s somewhat jarring that Laura didn’t realize how totally mixed up with Six he was until she saw him in the doorway.

Called Sharon taking Natalie down. She wasn’t having it from the start, much less you involve her kid. The whole world’s slipping away, none of the old rules and old lines matter anymore, so here’s where she’s drawing hers: You keep your toaster hands off my daughter.



7 thoughts on “Whose Tongues Were All Broken: Galactica Thread

  1. You keep your toaster hands off my daughter
    The murder of an ally you’ve just negotiated a truce with. Yet another minor detail Adama won’t do anything about. I notice Sam’s in the brig for shooting Geata. Not.
    Hera was … alone in the Agathon quarters until Sharon got home?
    I wonder if there’s anybody that didn’t have this reaction? And that kid sure is an advanced little artist for someone that’s just a smidge over two years old. Got her number 6 down pat.
    I really loathe him lately, even if I do want to borrow his tailor for Mr. A.
    I feel sorry for him. He really thought he’d be mister superstar politician, just like he’s always been mr superstar military stud. Gonna set the galaxy afire and fix the frakked up fleet. And he’s anything but. Just another face in the quorum crowd. And not accomplishing much of anything.
    And he looked a lot better in the uniform too. Or the towel…
    Tory’s selling her body for information
    That may’ve been how it started. Little ambitious Tory, wants to take over everything, but I think she’s starting to swallow Baltar’s effluvia — so to speak. He’s getting to her, and Laura’s visions are freaking her out, and she can’t work either variable into her little equations.
    All in all — everything’s more confusing than ever and I can’t fraking believe they’re gonna make us wait TWO FRAKKING WEEKS!!!!
    It’s a cylon plot.

  2. The last three episodes have all ended identically. Me on the couch, intoning, “Fuuuuckkkk.”
    I gave up trying to keep things straight in the middle tonight. Just sat there and let them throw things at me.
    Lee/Bamber as space jockey was always of marginal appeaal to me. As politician, he could be a fucking mannequin. He’s like a vacuum for emotion, he’s dead air, and I hate it when he’s in a scene with Laura/McDonnell. Maybe he’s there to make her seem more alive, but she might as well be playing the scene with a refrigerator box. I’m fully aware that for the heterosexuals among us, YMMV.
    Oh, and that that first instant when Kara walks into Laura’s room? Femslash gold. Without even trying, in about 5 minutes, I bet I could find 10 Laura/Kara fics that begin just like that.
    and yeah, I know this episode deserves better than this snarky comment. I’ll watch it again and come up with better.

  3. In a way, it’s good that this is the final season. I’m running out of extreme superlatives. I’ll have time to come up with more before Caprica starts.
    I’ll probably end up buying this seasons soundtrack when it’s released, amazing stuff.

  4. and yeah, I know this episode deserves better than this snarky comment
    Good luck. I felt like the whole episode was a buncha trailers for the upcoming episodes. It was all beginnings of things.

  5. It only just occured to me that the only reason Tigh could be that good/quick at changing baby diapers is because…
    Where are they? Did he have them with Ellen? Are they grown? Are they dead?

  6. Frankly, next episode? Scares me.
    Because the whole thing they imply? Shouldn’t be happening. Isn’t love supposed to be involved, and if it is, *eew*. Like two or three relationships’ memories would be ground into paste, for that to happen…

  7. Dinner isn’t currently available on the BSG website, but Hubby D successfully downloaded it from elsewhere.
    *clears throat* HO LEEEE SHIT
    Now we have the Cylons, the rebels, the final five and the humans. And the opera house visions. And Gaeta losing his leg (Alessandro Giuliani has a beautiful voice.) And Hera acting like she walked out ofThe Shining. And Athena killing Natalie. (I kinda figured Natalie was a red shirt from the start.) And the base ship jumping at the end. HO LEEEE SHIT.
    About Athena boxing Natalie: Natalie isn’t Six. Did Athena not know this? Six is still a clear and present “threat” to Hera.
    All will be explained. But, do we have to wait two weeks? Corksoakers.
    For you interested in the show’s music, here is the sheet music toGaeta’s Lament.

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