Google CEO Eric Schmidt PWNS Ted Stevens (R-Tubes)

Speaking in the Big Tent today, Eric Schmidt was asked by Rachel Maddow how he felt when he heard Ted Stevens’ famous “tubes” conversation.

Quoting directly from my notes: “There’s always somebody who’s first. And there’s always somebody who’s last, and I think we found him.”



2 thoughts on “Google CEO Eric Schmidt PWNS Ted Stevens (R-Tubes)

  1. If you work for Google, why the heck are you wearing a suit? I hate it when people buy into the system. He should be in short pants and a t-shirt and have a bag of Doritos at his side. Semiotics sucks.
    Did anyone ask him about Google being the sort of Mormons of the Internet, keeping track of what everyone views – for purposes of good, only, of course?
    So Google is down with the Dems, and eBay is GOP?

  2. Actually, Rachel asked him about that, about how long they keep people’s info and what about a competitor who kept it less. He seemed kind of shocked at the idea.

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