7 thoughts on “I Thank Dinosaur-Riding Jesus

  1. I was just saying the same thing the other night, after seeing him on teevee somewhere. He’s charming and disarming, and although I don’t think I’d agree with him on much of anything, he just seems likable, and would have given the fundies their bone while not alienating everyone else.
    I actually think, given how close the polls still are with the freakish repuke ticket, that McSame would have won with Huck.
    I still worry he could be tapped, with Palin dropping out before the “debate.”

  2. I agree that Palin being dropped in favor of Huckabee would present major problems for Obama. But, I have faith in McCain. I’m sure he will manage to continue to be McCain and that is one really big advantage to the Democrats.

  3. I don’t think there’s enough time for Huckabee to do major damage to Obama, not after a VP-switch-out that would confirm that the McCain campaign is filled with fail and fuckery. Had he been in the running since July, or even August, maybe, but with one month to go? After a VP debate? I don’t see it happening. It’s too late.

  4. Yep, A. But I’m hoping they try it anyway after a disastrous Biden/Palin debate (disastrous for Palin, that is). A Huckabee VP run for a month would set Huckabee up as the candidate of the fundies for the next two election cycles, and keep the Rethugs divided. I seriously think you might see the Republican party permanently fractured, if not gone entirely. (Don’t believe me? Look at the 19th century history of American party politics. The American landscape is littered with the dead roadkill carcasses of major parties)

  5. I have been thinking this a loooong time now. Huck would’ve the perfect republican to run against Obama.

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