Crack Van: Debate Vol. 1

If you’re not here on Thursday night for the Palin/Biden smackdown, this is the kind of thing you’ll be missing. Seriously. You wanna be here. Where else can you find analysis like this?

When McCain declared that he was once called “sheriff” for his supposed policing of Congress:

chuckago: They called him “shithead.” He heard “sheriff”

thomas_w: John McCain invented being sheriff. Look it up: Nottingham, 1716.

Foreign policy, illuminated by Crimean War references, because you are all a bunch of nerds. AWESOME NERDS:

Doc5307: Yea because we’re all thinking: “Hey my mortgage is fucked, my job is gone, Mexico looks like a step up, but what I really need to know about is your position on POLAND.”

skippy7418: tom clancy rears his ugly head

Bad_Elspeth: Come to Sams Wholesale Club for bargain packs of wars!

thomas_w: A: McCain invented the letters K, G, and B. Previously, they only had 23 letters.

Sorcha: Wait, are we going to invade Poland now?

joejoejoe7427: first we have to retake Milwaukee Avenue

Athenae: We can retake Milwaukee Avenue only if the pierogi lines remain clear.

joejoejoe7427: it will be tough…I’m in favor of direct talks with Milwaukee Avenue


The_Kenosha_Kid: when i was a POW in the crimean war…

leinie: A, did he lead the charge of the light brigade?

BuggyQ: McCain thinks the Charge of the Light Brigade was a glorious victory.

Douglas_Watts: This debate is volga

Nine out of ten Crack Van focus group members favored furniture:

BuggyQ: Hit him! HIT HIMMMMMMM!!

virgotex: please

Bad_Elspeth: SMACK DOWN!


Bad_Elspeth: NOW

The_Kenosha_Kid: YES

Bad_Elspeth: with TWO CHAIRS

Bad_Elspeth: hell, with the lectern!!!

BuggyQ: Oh, baby! Yeah, baby!

sent sound: slap

And now for some porn:



2 thoughts on “Crack Van: Debate Vol. 1

  1. Good times, man, good times.
    (At least I can say so now–there were moments in that debate where I was actually in tears I was so angry at John McCain. Mr. BuggyQ says I need to work on my rage control. I think all my problems would be solved if the idiots would get out of politics.)

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