The Sarah Palin-Gwen Ifill Debate Tonight

Crack van opens at 7 p.m. CST. Debate begins at 8 CST.

And Howard Kurtz is still a puss:

Even as some conservative commentators have panned her performances and fretted about how the Alaska governor will fare against Sen. Joe Biden, Palin has challenged the ethics of those interviewing her. Her running mate, John McCain, has complained about “gotcha journalism.” And a top campaign official says female journalists are being especially mean to Palin.

All this may or may not add up to a stab at the age-old technique of preemptive spin.

I hate this passive shit he and the other columnists do, this “we’ll see if this makes an impact on the national media coverage of which I am in absolutely no way a part, and have no control over, even though my pundit cock it is immense and all shall bow before it.” So annoying.


13 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin-Gwen Ifill Debate Tonight

  1. That Sarah Palin sure knows how to work her magic doesn’t she? She can be a bulldog and a pussycat, all at the same time!! Nice gig if you can get it!!

  2. pundit cock? This early in the morning?
    I’m not a big Gwen Ifill fan but this crap about her not being objective is just such a huge crap of bullshit posturing. Did they go back through every single word Jim Lehrer has ever said on air or committed to writing to see if it was pro- or con- something or other. No.
    I hate the way they are campaigning. It’s just a bunch of reactive crap slinging.

  3. I’m trying desperately to get out of a rehearsal tonight so’s I can be there for the fun. But if I can’t, y’all have a fabulous time. Bring the snark!

  4. Oh, the crap about ‘gotcha’ jermalisim and ‘objectivity’ is just that, a monstrously huge steaming pile of excrement (with corn).
    If a question is ‘too hard’ and actually requires ‘naw-lidge’ it’s “gotcha”!?! (When I first heard that, um, ‘term’ applied, I thought it had to to w/journalists drinking Pernod w/Anthony Edwards in the 80s.)
    The Ifill non-issue is laughable – now THEY worry about perceived bias???? Puh-frikkin-leaaaasse! STFU and sit the eff down! Even if she has a personal bias, she will be more even keeled than a rethug mod.
    Pardon, must go bang head against wall now…

  5. Jack K, sometimes it does look like that. It depends on the light.
    Seeing is in the eye of the beholder… or something like that.

  6. Can I put in a request that Palin be asked an intricate question which challenges one’s knowledge of several different fields but has a concrete answer?

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