Good choice!

John Cole informs us that one of the more, um, ardent members of theMcPaliban has pulled a sneaky.

A new father has secretly named his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin after the Republican ticket for president and vice president.

Ciptak of Elizabethton put that name on the documents for the girl’s
birth certificate, ignoring the name Ava Grace, which he and his wife
had picked earlier.

“I don’t think she believes me yet,” he
told the Kingsport Times-News for a story to be published Tuesday.
“It’s going to take some more convincing.”

When this muckfook’s wife learns that “Ava” is now officially “McCain Palin”, I wouldn’t trade places with him for all the whiskey in Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Good choice!

  1. Jude, yeah, I think you’ve got the right. I’d drop his ass so fast it wouldn’t even be funny. He wouldn’t see it coming, either; guys like that never do. However, a guy who thinks he can do something like that also thinks he owns his wife, to a greater or lesser degree. Wouldn’t surprise me if he also had started tuning up on her, either.
    That said, I doubt she would divorce him; guys who do things like that tend to have cultivatedly dependent wives who suffer in silence, up until the point where they pack a few things into the car and head for the nearest women’s shelter, that is.

  2. The article states that he says he did it to get the word out and that he “took one for the cause”. What a patriot! Saddling his daughter with a Trivial Pursuit answer in the name of the cause. I hope he gets a personal letter of thanks from McC and Palin; I assume that’s the minimum he’s looking for with this stunt.

  3. I hope in the divorce decree that the (ex) wife tacks on the legal fees to change the daughter’s name BACK to Ava Grace or whatever she decides works better (w/less stigma).

  4. I’d change the damned locks, and his visitation with his new daughter would be EXTREMELY limited and supervised if I had my way – because obviously the child isn’t important to him or he wouldn’t have pulled this asinine stunt.
    Every time I think that they can’t top the stoopid, they do.

  5. To that idiot baby daddy: smooth move, Ex-Lax.
    This poor child is gonna catch so much hell for a name like that. Some parental units out there have little to no consideration to how cruel kids can be – and this guy has little to no window into how cruel the whole WORLD will most likely be when they get wind of th name he gave to his li’l pumpkin.
    There needs to be some baby name testing for the parents, is what I think…

  6. When I was making phone calls (from California to Nevada voters) in 2004, one of the names on my list was Kerry Edwards. Really. I never did get through; always an answering machine.

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