Who By Very Slow Decay

If you’re not watchingLife, start. It was abbreviated by the writer’s strike last year and didn’t return until this fall, and I thought, man, they bring this weird little thing back, throw it in the 9 p.m. Friday timeslot, they’re gonna dumb it down and make it less layered and painful and gorgeous and strange, and the producers will no longer have access to God’s iPod or whatever it is that lets them use THE BEST MUSIC EVER in a show, and it will be pointlessly “action-packed” or “quirky,” but … none of these things have happened.

It’s still about the things we do to each other and the things we get over and don’t get over, about how we repair ourselves and deal with things that can’t be dealt with. It’s about locks on doors and who’s inside the rooms we don’t go in. It hits like a freight train, and before the end of every episode I’m already jonesing for the next one. The leads are fantastically hot, the tertiary characters are all complex and funny, it’s damn near perfect. You can watch it online, so go get caught up.

This is a fan mashup but the song actually appeared in two of the best episodes of last season:


7 thoughts on “Who By Very Slow Decay

  1. thanks for the recommendation, will check it out.
    My vote for the best music on any show ever has to be homicide: life on the street
    every time I hear that Soul coughing sound “step aside and let the man go through” I think of Frank in his hat going to get the bastard that killed Bo.

  2. It really all just works, doesn’t it? Well, except for Donal Logue. As of right now, I wish they hadn’t replace the old captain and she wasn’t my favorite last season. I hope its ratings pickup, it’s such a gem of a show it deserves a long run.

  3. i am cutting back on teevee. no more Chuck. not gonna watch that new show edward/henry. gave it 15 min. no more pushing daisies.
    but true blood and dexter still get me.

  4. tried to post this comment last night but my puter froze.
    anywho, i lurv life, but i must agree w/bunter that donal logue, whom i usually enjoy, is way off the mark here.
    and lady partner sarah shahi, i fell in lurv w/back on the l word, she made me wish i was a lezbo.
    but i think the meta-mystery of why damien was sent to prison in the first place is moving waaaaaay too slowly.
    frinstence, last ep at the beginning when damien & adam were listening to the wiretap, they wondered what does it mean when the guy sez “first there were 6, now there are 5, there could be 4?”
    and anybody who’s ever watched tv once in their entire life is yelling at the screen, “it’s a threat, you morons!”
    and the last scene damien turns to adam and says, “it’s a threat!”
    well, duh!
    but i watch it every week.
    also am getting into the menatlist.

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