I Don’t Know How Much Clearer We Can Be

But let me use all available typographic options to make this point:

People hate the Republican party and they hate George W. Bush and think he has screwed up this country and they want massive, 180-degree sweeping changes that cut down all the weeds he has planted like the biggest thresher ever invented.

Any Democrat who still takes Republicans seriously as a threat or thinks he will face political consequences for being too hard on the ignoble opposition is an idiot who has wandered afield of his village.

The Editors ask what should be done with the MANDATE.

My list includes not only a daily ritual involving kicking Joe Lieberman in the balls in public but also some kind of solution to the problem we are having where people thinking being scared of ass sex is reason to deny the most fundamental right we have: that of equal protection under the law. We need to get that handled because I am fucking full up with having my marriage used as an excuse to deny someone else’s. In other words, FUCK CALIFORNIA’s BIGOTS OFTEN AND HARD.

What’s on your list?


17 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How Much Clearer We Can Be

  1. Just came from the doctor’s office. TV playing. One guy in the room, apparently still a true believer licking his wounds, drinking up the TV with his eyes.
    TV playing Faux News with pundits being a little more subtle than usual but with the undercurrent of how this wasn’t a referendum and how they will be prepared in 2 years and the dems won’t be able to do anything in the intervening time.

  2. I want people to wake up and look at the Bush years and say “how could we”? What was wrong with us? Torture is not OK. Spying on US citizens is not OK. Preemptive wars are not OK. People drowning right before our eyes is not OK. Saying fuck you to the entire world is not OK.
    I want Obama to bring us back to reality. It’s been a long time but I think I can still remember it.
    I want Obama to govern like a normal person instead of a bat shit crazy lunatic. I want our America back and I want it back now!

  3. Executions of the Bush Administration War Criminals as the Super Bowl halftime show.

  4. Last night was better than sex. I slept the deep sleep of one who has fought for years and has seen salvation in the person of a man that engenders respect. For that I praise those in this country who also saw the same qualities in Obama that I saw.
    This morning I awoke to the news about Prop 8 in California. Much of my happiness flowed away then. When will the LGBT community cease to be viewed as demons? When will the freakin’ cross-wearers learn to STFU about someone else’s personal life? How the Hell can I spark the Rapture so I never have to deal with these hateful people again?
    Those of us who love whom we like have been hurt badly by the Mormons, Catholics, batshit crazy Protestant hordes along with the aid of the Black community.
    I have a new war to fight. Don’t even give a damn who gets hurt on the other side of this issue.

  5. While Obama is getting ready to run the country, Joe Lieberman and his staff are measuring his new office. Located in a long unused janitors closet in the basement of the Senate, Senator Reid has graciously ushered Lieberman into the new space saying to one reporter, “It’s really nice. You can just barely here the sewage flowing through the pipes and I’m told that the rat infestation has, pretty much, been controlled.”

  6. No one is going to leave Lieberman off their list, so we might as well have it printed on the form for us.
    My list, with all seriousness, starts with stopping the torturing of anyone, at any time, for any reason, by anyone. Then, GITMO gets shut down and the POWs there get repatriated. Then an EO is issued announcing that the US will foreverafter abide by the Geneva Conventions, and, as a result, will never again start a war. After that, the Patriot Act gets shredded, the spying on US Citizens stops so fast its eyes explode, the Justice Department is organized to feature justice for all, and, lastly, every single Bush EO is suspended indefinitely.
    Now, on the second day,…

  7. I think three Supreme Court Justices and a well timed class-action lawsuit would help with Prop 8, and hopefully help find a middle ground based on wisdom rather than partisanship.
    For the first time in years, I have hope that is the case.

  8. Shred th EO’s! Clean the Justice Dept,the Interior,Education Dept. Off subject,but I had scary wingnut video,which was sent last week, was tempted to respond: oh no got the message too late( just to jerk them around),but instead I truthfully acclaimed I was never prouder to cast that vote for Sen Obama, and cried tears of joy last night! No longer will I have a queasy sensation before our President makes a statement,I feel like Frankie in love with whole wedding!

  9. War-crimes trials — for lying us into a war, for torture, for kidnapping, for holding hostages, all in violation of U.S. statutes and treaties.
    Investigation, prosecution of and punishment for war profiteering. Let’s steer some of those missing/stolen tens of billions back into the people’s hands.
    Full review and, where appropriate, scrapping of all executive orders. Full review and scrapping of all SIGNING STATEMENTS.
    Finally, let us hear the words of newly elected 8th District Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, who says that this is not the time for truth and reconciliation, this is the time for punishment.
    This law-and-order conservative couldn’t agree more.

  10. And what does Obama do as his first act as preznit-elect? Appoint Rahm “Capitulation to the GOP First!” Emanuel as chief of staff. I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does, but I don’t know any other way to interpret it.
    Goddammit, people did not bust a nut for you to pull this kind of right-wing shit on them. What next, Steny “High Treason” Hoyer for Secy of Defense? Joe Lieberman for Secy of State? WTF kind of Change is this? Don’t piss away your mandate.

  11. Let’s start by taking away the tax exempt status of the Catholic and Mormon churches – if they can afford millions to deny rights to others they can fuckin’ pay taxes.
    I like the daily Lieberman ritual but the O administration should deny White House press passes for Fox … what? They have a news division?

  12. The ironic thing about Prop 8 passing – that the local TV people pointed out to me – is that it might well have been the huge African-American turnout for Obama that caused Prop 8 to pass.
    Exit polling says that African-Americans supported Prop 8 70% to 30%. That is why (shockingly to me, until they offered up this answer) it managed to pass – albeit narrowly – even in Los Angeles County.

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