10 thoughts on “Just A Little Reminder Of How Stupid Our Media Are

  1. I want a President to lead, I can handle the bowling bits. And if Barack asks me, I will gladly head up the President’s Council on Darts and Pub Enjoyment for him.

  2. A, you are soooo in! 🙂 Not to mention we would have an important global networking plan – tighten relations w/the UK and all Irish/British pubs around the world. Peace thru Pints, Dialoguing w/Darts – I like it! 🙂

  3. As I remember, there were two lanes in the White House that either Nixon used and/or had put in.
    So, when he moves in, President Obama could practice his bowling. Maybe he could get Nelson Burton, Jr. to give him lessons. Maybe Burton could be offered a week free in the Lincoln bedroom.
    Then Obama, sometime in 2010, could go on television and bowl a 200 game and the world would return to normal.

  4. To follow up, could you imagine how cool it will be for the Obama kids to have slumber parties in the White House. There could be a real ghost hunt for Abraham Lincoln. And the kitchen staff could stir up the best midnight snacks for all of the girls!
    One of the best things that the Clintons did was protect Chelsea from publicity. Too bad Jenna and Not-Jenna created their own.

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