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The first Article of Faith is and always should be very simple: this is
not all that we are. The Final Five and the Cylon race areGalactica
too: falling apart, rehabilitating, stronger and stranger, not fitting
together anymore. Cobbled together from shoestring and half-remembered
directives and fears. This scene is really sad, in a way: Ellen and
Saul join a random Six and Eight, along with Galen and Tory, around
Sam’s bedside. The Final Five, together for the first time. And the
daughters breathe in, joyful, waiting for the single event that will
tie up all their loose ends and tell them what they’re doing here, mend
their rended hearts and recreate the Cylon world they remember, or
something better. And nothing happens.

17 thoughts on “Sailed Out Against The Sky: Galactica Thread

  1. You can’t spin it all out to its end, and it’s designed that way out of mercy, for a reason, you’d go crazy if you knew how many lives you could have lived, you’d go crazy trying to choose at the end. Better to do so at the beginning, and let the other lives go, because you have to turn the pages. You have to close the book. You have to put it down and go out into the sunlight into the world you chose and you have to make those choices work.
    A… those are some powerful thoughts and eloquently put. Thanks!
    PS: Now that we are at the end, does anyone wonder if this entire yr arc was planned from the beginning? And if not, when did they do it?

  2. HERA’S MAGIC DAYCARE! Finally my e-mails are answered. Granted, it’s the Daycare of Kidnapping Prevention Fail because there should be a note in Hera’s file that says MOM’S A KILLER ROBOT WHAT LOOKS LIKE FIFTEEN OTHER KILLER ROBOTS DON’T LET JUST ANY SHARON TAKE HER AWAY, but still, a daycare!
    Oh, and fucking Helo, literally, gets a pass?? “What, you mean I can’t tell I’m not screwing my own wife, but her twin sister? What is this, someone’s Penthouse fantasy mixed in?”
    My wife was all kinds of confused when I said 15 minutes in that Kara was imagining this, its her Dad, and its Daniel, and that he’s the 13th – which makes her the Starchilde. She thought I was literally saying that it was Michael Shanks of Stargate. Heh. I’m not sure who that actor was though, he was quite good.

  3. It’s such a shame that this series is coming to an end, but since it is, I hope it is, in fact, an end. I think they only have two choices. First, against all odds, the humans and rebel Cylons (including the final five) defeat the Cavilistas and find a habitable planet upon which to coexist. Second, everyone just dies–the Cavilistas wipe out the humans while also killing the final five and their last hope of re-starting resurrection, thus sealing their own doom. Anything other than this would be a Sopranos/X-Files non-ending, which will result in Ronald Moore receiving a crate of dead Missouri skunks delivered to his home COD.

  4. What’s even more fascinating is who Starbuck actually is. She must be some unknown form of Cylon. Here’s the evidence…
    1) She had been drawing the circle image found in the temple of the final five since she was a young girl.
    2) She learned how to play “All Along the Watchtower” from her father, the song composed by Sam Anders on Cylon Earth 2,000 years ago.
    3) She died 2,000 years ago on Cylon Earth and came back to life.
    The only question left is, “What kind of Cylon is she?” I think she may be the forgotten offspring of the final five–maybe Ellen and Tigh? There’s no frakkin’ way she’s a human the same way Roslin and Adama are.

  5. 3) She died 2,000 years ago on Cylon Earth and came back to life.
    I think this is a misconception – the interpretation most fans go with is that crashed viper and dead Starbuck are from when Kara was swallowed by the maelstrom at the end of Season 3. Somehow, this is transported to Earth.
    But in all seriousness, Hera and Starbuck are quite definitely something New.

  6. Before we go hating on Helo, let’s remember that it’s been demonstrated before that the Eights share many common memories of him. I’m certainthose particular memories are strong ones.

  7. I honestly don’t know how the hell Tyrol comes out of this fuckup either alive or not locked up for all eternity. I mean, I also believed that Boomer had finally pulled her head out of her ass, but setting her free? You can’t even argue you’re thinking with your dick or your heart, Galen.
    I don’t hate on Helo – he is probably one of my favorite characters of the series. He’s Galactica’s Captain Carrot. But fuck that was poor writing.
    Reading through Galactica Sit Rep, I was amazed at the number of people to have not seen Imaginary Daniel coming.

  8. OK, so, I’m sad to say I’m starting to wonder: will the final episode feature Kara waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette, or the autistic Hera staring into a snow globe with Galactica floating inside it? They’ve got some big loose threads to tie up, and I’m worrying it won’t go well.

  9. The Galactica crew will have to evacuate to the base ship, other ships too but mostly the base ship as it will easily have the most space.
    It may be the end of BSG, but it’s not the end of “the story”. Caprica will start next year and it’s been suggested that other spin-off shows will happen as well. I just hope they can keep it interesting and not turn into Trek-style “product”.

  10. Idiosynchronic, I’m with you re: Starbuck and Hera being something else. Starbuck has been the one with a destiny all along.
    What is up with CrazySpaceMom passing out? Really, if they *do* kill her before the final ep, well, remember what Boomer did to Athena? Moore and Eick would wish for something that pleasant.
    I know, I know, happy endings like Bill and Laura living out a pleasant retirement, Kara and Lee finally hooking up and their baggage being left at the door, Helo and Athena getting to watch Hera graduate from New New Caprica City High…I know that’s ludicrous. But I can’t help wanting it, even if I know I’d be disappointed in it from a dramatic perspective.

  11. Saw some posts on the BSG forums at with some interesting information—Starbuck’s dad is Daniel, the “deleted” (?) model 7 Cylon, which makes Kara a hybrid in the same way that Hera is. If this is true, I’m not sure where it leads, but I can’t shake the prophecy of the Cylon baseship hybrid who told Kara she was the harbinger of death who would lead them all to their end. What end? Redemption or destruction? I’ll say it again—anything other than Sopranos-style ambiguity is fine with me. I have enough unresolved messes in my real life; I want my entertainment to have an ending of some kind…I can’t shake the Aristotle out of my system.

  12. Telos! Telos! Just give me the damnedtelos, already!
    Speaking of life being designed like that for a reason, out of mercy…

  13. Also, that final scene with Galen coming “home” and finding the “wife and kid” gone was brilliant.

  14. I’ve been waiting several seasons for this, and now it’s apt:
    “And how can this be?
    Lo, for she is the kwitsatz haderach!”
    And I bet Tory gets away scott-free. RDM kinda likes her skankiness, so she’ll walk.

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