Knee Jerk


I swear, it’s like an addiction to paint-huffing with these people — when in doubt switch on wingnut autopilot and spew batshit insanity like an industrial-sized can of Krylon in an enclosed garage.

Look at the dazed mental contortions from full-fledged-assclown-in-good-standing and Gret Stet Senator (sigh–half of my delegation), Diaper Dave: In addition to the ritual groveling (grabbing the ankles?) before Lamebone, and the equally bizarro “I hope Obama fails but I’m not really hoping the country falls apart–honest“–Mr. “I-Used-to-Spend-My-Leisure-Time-Whoring” Vitter takes to the spotlight and loudly calls for defunding…Planned Parenthood…without a trace of irony.

And you know what’s even more amazing? That, as best as I can tell, not a single journalist has asked Vitter to explain this clumsiness, nor have they confronted the Senate Minority Leadership and asked why they allow Vitter to caucus with them. Ahem…just to compare, I think the media could do worse than to subject Mr. Vitter to the same scrutiny that they deem appropriate for Roland Burris.

Instead, they don’t even blink in astonishment when Vitter himself all but begs the question.

It’s this sort of enabling that allows creeps and con artists like Vitter–and his Rethug cohorts–to keep spewing the wingnut talking points in spite of the plain fact that events have proven, pun intended, their overall philosophical bankrupcy. Game over. And there’s no reset button.

It’s this lackluster effort that allows people like Vitter or Bobby Jindal to speak glowingly ofcretins like Rush Limbaugh without ever being asked uncomfortable questions about Limbaugh’s actual language, which ismore often than not downright appalling and genuinely sick.

And it’s this sort of tilted playing field that’s made for less a left versus right division in this country, and more of a grown-up versus brat distinction. Which is fine with me, but I don’t think the brats deserve equal time and/or kid glove treatment when they spout their now thoroughly discredited knee jerk reactions to essential steps being taken to preserve the very economy that allowed for their ascent in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Knee Jerk

  1. The first question to Vitter at very press availability ought to be, “Senator, are you wearing your diaper today?”

  2. Am I spending too much time on the Internet since I get the joke of the picture?

  3. Is it just me or is Diaper Dave revealing himself as a Skrull before our very eyes?

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