Nothing Matters When You’re Free: Galactica Thread



And when he’s played the last note, Dreilide holds up one finger
like a gun, for his daughter to blow the smoke away; Kara remembers,
beautifully, and smiles at him. He touches her face as she recognizes
him. She thanks him for visiting, calm again, with a smile and a laugh
like a fresh wind. The cruelest thing about free will is knowing you’ve
got your whole life ahead of you, and no trajectory but what you

Not the Arrow of Athena, not the leader of the search, not the
harbinger of the apocalypse: just a girl. To exist. That is an
incredible amount of pressure. Kara’s smart enough to live through it,
but I don’t know that Boomer is. She hasn’t been so far. In order to be
the man or woman you choose to be, you have to know the moves and be
brave enough to make them.

Spoilers inside.

Oh, good, I can get back to hating Gaius Baltar. Every other ep he does something or says something I agree with, and then he snaps right back to being the opportunistic asshole he always was. Is he the only character truly unchanged by everything that’s happened? Maybe Ellen, too. But I mean, even Helo’s a mess right now.

Quick takes: Oh, lovely lovely Laura and her secret stash of New Caprican Loco Weed. Why on earth would you paint anything in Galactica white, I mean, have you been there? Starbuck, you asked Baltar to find out what you are, not to keep it a secret, so you get what you get. I get that Helo’s a moron for not being able to ID his own wife in the sack (there again, Athena should have known she didn’t marry the sharpest tool in Galactica’s drawer) but I don’t see how you can blame him for Hera. That’s the Magic Daycare’s fault. Of COURSE Saul had a bottle of booze wedged under the Sad Cylon Couch of Sin. And Bear McCreary is a sadist, because those high, sweet pipes during the toast to Galactica? No, no, it’s fine, just my heart, didn’t need it anyway.

So here’s what we’ve got going on: Starbuck came back from the dead with an improved taste in music. Sam’s a hybrid, fucking with Galactica through the goo they pasted all over it. Cavil’s kidnapped the Very Special Cylon Child and is going to use her as a figurehead on his Model Ship of Civil War and Assorted Kinds of Fail. Laura’s dying. Galactica’s falling apart and everybody’s got to move to the Baseship, which is ugly as hell and probably doesn’t evenhave co-ed showers or a spectral piano player in the bar.

On top of which we’ve got Helo and Athena probably getting divorced, the Chief’s ongoing meltdown, Tory’s apparently suddenly mute, there’s too many sixes and eights to keep track of but no Leobens heard from in months, they still need a place to settle down and farm sheep, the Vicious Hot Captain from Baltar’s trial wants to strip Galactica for parts, everybody onHitei Kan has black lung, Baltar has food and guns, and there are at least three love triangles need solving.

Just making sure I’m caught up on the actual shit that needs to get handled in the next several hours of television, while we waste time on Boomer vision-questing and Tigh and Starbuck coming to the same conclusions they’ve spent the past two seasons coming to. Let’sgo, show. Move it already.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the pipes. My Lord, and they stay with you don’t they?

  2. Again, Helo had no reason to think he was having sex with anyone but his wife. They share common memories of him, including those ones. if this is the way they’re gong with it, I have to agree with whomever last week said this was sloppily written, cos it is.
    Meanwhile, I can haz Presidential bong hit plz? Kthnxbai.

  3. Theories: Humans on Earth could/can spontaneously regenerate. Explains Kara’s regeneration there and her now being a thread in the eternal Cylon tapestry, all attuned to Watchtower and everything. (As an experiment, they should travel back to Earth with Gaius, lop off his head and see if he regens.) Of course, this doesn’t explain how Kara’s ship came back so pristine as well. Hmmmm.
    Who is the Creator? Dreilide? And why did a Six refer to their god as Heavenly Father in the funeral scene?
    Bear McCreary is only 30. Makes me want to go achieve something with my life. Quickly.

  4. Reason I ask if Dreilide is creator is the song, which he knew and taught Kara to play as a child, long before she came back from the dead. What if it’s a backdoor, a program written into the Cylon/regeneration matrix by Dreilide? Since his name means “three eyes” and the show plays quite a bit with Hindu philosophy, Siva is the one of three eyes who creates and destroys, the arbiter of reincarnation.
    Or, it’s just a signpost meant to distract, like in all the other shows.

  5. As I mentioned to Athenae last night in an email, this is from yesterday’s Arts & Entertainment section of the Oregonian newspaper:
    “As if ‘BSG’ fans weren’t having enough fun at the weekly Bagdad theater
    screenings of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ in its final season, now comes word
    that Portland’s own Katee Sackhoff will be in the house. … Sackhoff, who
    plays warrior extraordinare Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace is scheduled to appear
    and answer questions after the next-to-last episode airs on Friday, March
    Eight blocks from my house.

  6. Look at what Moore and Eick did in just two episodes with the Gaeta/Zarek mutiny. Have faith–we will be rewarded.

  7. darrelplant, as I said before — I think — OMG JELOUS.
    Go there and tell her the Internet LURVES her.

  8. I still disagree about Daniel being Starbuck’s father, but I’ll try to cut it short
    – First it’d be underwhelming to learn that Starbuck is just another cylon, too: too simple, cliched, and also at odds with Moore’s comment on how Daniel was invented only to cover up a plot hole they’ve unintentionaly made in the beginning.
    – Most of the circumstances of Starbuck’s apparent resurrection are still not explained by her being the daughter of Daniel: coming back with tattoos, putting the wedding ring and dogtag on Earth, shiny new Viper transported to Earth and then back to the fleet.
    – There are other unanswered questions not directly connected to her which need some other source of explanation other then the Seventh model, like the visions taking the forms of Six, Baltar, Leoben (!) and now Dreilde Thrace. Also, the Final Four hearing the music – just who turned it on and where was it coming from? And let’s not forget the sudden power outage throughout the whole fleet in Crossroads part 2, making every ship completely blind for a considerable time – all these are still not explained and looking a lot more suspicious now.
    I agree that a deus ex machina solution would be underwhelming too. But let us not underestimate the creators’ abilities and resourcefulness! They’ve managed to suprise us before with clever explanations, sometimes going completely against all expectations. Cavil is a perfect example and we could call him a sort of deus ex machina too, but isn’t it a lot more clever than that?
    Explaining all this needs something more then pulling out a new cylon from the hat and making him the father of Kara. So, even if Slick turns out to be Daniel, it wouldn’t really matter at all in the end anyway… Unless he’s an ominpotent player opposing Cavil – but that’d be exactly the kind of answer we both wouldn’t like to see.
    All in all, I can’t wait to see the final episodes, as BSG seems to be the best show of this season to me

  9. TY, darrelplant. I don’t get the Oregonian, and didn’t know about the showings at the Baghdad. In in WA, but close enough to go to the final showings.
    This episode opened with Hera playing with a toy Galactica, running it into a toy Cylon baseship. It ended with Adama and Tigh toasting the Galactica and deciding to send her off in style. Are these two things connected? Don’t know. I’m spectacularly bad at predicting what will happen next on this show, but I have a feeling these bookend scenes are telling us something.

  10. Yup, that’s kinda what I was thinking, BlakNo1. Take out all the motherfrakers at once.

  11. That’s how the Pegasus died, right? Ramming a Cylon baseship?
    I love it. Burn, motherfucker, burn. Pucker up and kiss the cross. Make it mean something.

  12. Heh, TheOtherWA, BlakNo1, that’s exactly what I said to Mr. BuggyQ when I finally got to see the ep last night. If Pegasus, that frakked up psychological mess of a hightech ship, got to have a funeral pyre, can the Grey Lady have anything less?
    *I* want to turn to page 61, thenkeweverymuch.
    And if the Galactica does end in fiery oblivion, I have a very, very strong feeling that the Old Man and Crazy Space Mom will go down with her. I think Laura would love that idea. (And it’d be a lovely homage to my favorite true story from the Titanic, about Isador Strauss and his wife going down together because she refused to leave him–the best thing about the musical Titanic is the duet they gave the two of them, Still. My dad got to sing that a couple of years ago in a local production, and I cried like a baby. Broke my heart worse than those pipes.)

  13. In hiding, BlakNo1. He knows all the nooks and crannies. If he’s smart, he will NOT come out as long as Athena or Helo is on board.

  14. Ha! The theater is spelled Bagdad. Learn something new everyday.
    Even if they don’t know for sure Chief helped Boomer escape, he’s gotta be their No 1 suspect. He didn’t even go to the funeral for all the crew that died.

  15. My theories –
    Either: Dreilide is Daniel, thus making Starbuck the first hybrid,
    or, Starbuck herself is Daniel?

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