5 thoughts on “Because If You Doubled Obama’s Ratings He’d Be At 136 Percent Job Approval

  1. Bravo, A. I thought the same thing earlier when I saw that. Journalists should have to take a basic statistics course, and maybe a refresher quiz every year after. Side-by-side dollar comparisons without adjusting for inflation is something I’ve seen in far too many articles. It’s embarrassing. But, yeah, that one was particularly daft.

  2. I don’t understand why one of the guests doesn’t call Tweety on his bullshit. One of the best ways to establish your cred as a talking head (cred head???) is to unnerve a host. You’ll never be back on that show, but your appearances on all the others will be guaranteed.
    It’s almost like Jon Stewart on Crossfire never happened. But I saw it, and I watch that video at least once a week.

  3. Tweety has refined sputtering to an art. He just says whatever. and five minutes later or the next day, he says the opposite. I can hardly watch him anymore, but I don’t think he’s an idealogue.
    That of course, doesn’t relieve him of the responsibility for his words.

  4. Not to mention that a good proportion of the Limbaugh doubling is due to the lookieloo effect–everybody’s fascinated by the train wreck in progress. What dumb shit is going to spill out of the guy’s mouth next?

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