11 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Answers

  1. The Plaza? Sheesh. 602 Club was the best bar ever. (Does the Plaza feature in theStar Trek universe? I think not.) I can’t believe Randy Alexander bought it (if I recall correctly) to give his kid something to do. Is Wandos still around? I hope it rots. I miss Madison. Well, Ireally miss the Madison of the early 80s. I’ll go back to being an old fart now.

  2. She Bop–the “I Touch Myself” of my generation. I remember my Willow moment with that song *vividly*.
    I wish I’d had a chance to get on this weekend–stupid snow killed my power most of Saturday, so no internet for me. So here’s my question:
    How do you go about doing things you don’t want to do, or dread doing?
    My technique of 50 million ways to avoid stuff isn’t working all that well…

  3. Procrastinate until I can’t anymore and then remind myself that I spent twice as much time not doing the thing and thinking about it as I would have spent doing the thing itself.
    It works sometimes. Other times, like making doctor and dentist appointments, it’s pretty hopeless.

  4. The bird in Lee’s apartment represents a serious breach of continuity in the overall story arc. As such, not only will I be boycotting the entire series, SyFy Channel and NBC/Universal, but any words or phrases with the letters ‘b’, ‘s’ or ‘g’ in them. That is all.

  5. Well, Plazaburgers are all well and good, but I met Snarkspouse the 602. QED.

  6. ugh. i tried to read a short story book by twain on a plane. it was aweful. and i really liked readind scarlet letter as an adult. and shakespeare. and i read old encyclopedia britannicas. i’m afraid to try more twain.

  7. without that fear, reinforced by hack politicians and the dumber of our media, we wouldn’t have the craptastic leadership we’ve had for the past 30 years, we would have the social safety nets and true national security we lack right now.
    We’d probably havea lot fewer dead people, too.
    Where do you think all this fear comes from, A.?

  8. pansypoo – If you liked ‘Huck Finn’ but not Twain’s short stories you might want to try reading his newspaper columns and/or travel writings. They strike me as more similar in tone to ‘Huck Finn’ than most of Twain’s other fiction.

  9. Missy, I think it’s natural to be afraid, but it’s stoked on every nightly news channel about DANGER IS LURKING IN YOUR CHILD’S CRADLE YOUR SHOES CAN KILL YOU HOW A HONEYBEE MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KENNEDY ASSASINATION all the goddamn time, plus our politicians are more than happy to tell us not how to solve our problems but who to blame for them. Which does not address our fear.

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