9 thoughts on “Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella

  1. Three of my three favorite funny lesbians in that:
    Jane Lynch (but of course)
    Liz Feldman
    and Erin Foley (but she had no dialogue!)
    The gathering storm ad folks (NOM!) are somewhat like the teabaggers in that they obviously HAD NO FUCKING IDEA how they were setting themselves up for easy ridicule.

  2. now, can they attack the catholic lady medical one and the pharmacy people who want to only treat the stuff they think is god approved.
    love the falling gays.

  3. It’s raining gays, hallelujah! It’s raining gays, amen!
    Damn, where are the Weather Girls when you need them, eh? (BTW, did anybody else just have a vicious flashback of It’s Raining McCain? Eew.)

  4. It gets pretty hot every summer here in Sacramento, so I am definitely looking for a giant umbrella.

  5. Was that Alicia Silverstone? That twisty thing she does with her mouth that I used to think was cute is starting to look really stroke-victim-ish.

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