Obama’s Fault

Our president has managed to drive racists insane.

Because the fact that they might want to shoot up a museum dedicated to remembrance of brutal murders isn’t a sign they were nuts ANYWAY.

Also:You stay classy, Free Republic:


Especially since it sounds like he was one of you, or at least found a warm reception among you.

By the way, if TV commentators want to start talking about the Freepi, let’s not forgetBush invited them to the White House to party with him.


8 thoughts on “Obama’s Fault

  1. Will all the people who’ve been cheering the closing of Dr. Tiller’s clinic after his shooting now be calling for the shuttering of the Holocaust Museum?

  2. Per what I saw on the Rachel Maddow show – those lousy Forced Birth/ANTI-CHOICE fuckmooks want to BUY Dr. Tiller’s clinic and make it their HQ…
    Oh helllll no!

  3. You know, when Sotomayor shoots up a NASCAR race and Michelle Obama guns down Randall Terry, give me a call.
    Until then…
    (bathe, bathe, bathe)

  4. (skritches el gato negro’s chin)
    yeah, what El Gato Negro said. In spades.

  5. Damn!
    Well, there goes my lede for next Monday.
    And the GOS is all over it, too.
    Fortunately, you all missed the Free Republic/Pickles beatdown.
    It’s mine, do you hear me? ALL MINE!!!!!!!

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