Obama’s Fault

Our president has managed to drive racists insane.

Because the fact that they might want to shoot up a museum dedicated to remembrance of brutal murders isn’t a sign they were nuts ANYWAY.

Also:You stay classy, Free Republic:


Especially since it sounds like he was one of you, or at least found a warm reception among you.

By the way, if TV commentators want to start talking about the Freepi, let’s not forgetBush invited them to the White House to party with him.


8 thoughts on “Obama’s Fault

  1. virgotex says:

    But dude! Shep Smith is queer!

  2. darrelplant says:

    Will all the people who’ve been cheering the closing of Dr. Tiller’s clinic after his shooting now be calling for the shuttering of the Holocaust Museum?

  3. pansypoo says:

    and we have 3 more years at least of them.

  4. Per what I saw on the Rachel Maddow show – those lousy Forced Birth/ANTI-CHOICE fuckmooks want to BUY Dr. Tiller’s clinic and make it their HQ…
    Oh helllll no!

  5. Interrobang says:

    Oh, cripes, Elspeth, I think I need to find some shoes to puke on now. Randall Terry’s would do nicely…

  6. You know, when Sotomayor shoots up a NASCAR race and Michelle Obama guns down Randall Terry, give me a call.
    Until then…
    (bathe, bathe, bathe)

  7. The Other Sarah says:

    (skritches el gato negro’s chin)
    yeah, what El Gato Negro said. In spades.

  8. Tommy T says:

    Well, there goes my lede for next Monday.
    And the GOS is all over it, too.
    Fortunately, you all missed the Free Republic/Pickles beatdown.
    It’s mine, do you hear me? ALL MINE!!!!!!!

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