Again? This Stupid Country.

Sometimes, you just want to choke the assholes in the media whoget the vapors whenever people use unauthorized language. You know, the same dipshits who read the Starr Report and salivated over every salacious detail, but who think that it’s The End Of Western Civilization if you use the word “blowjob” instead of “oral encounter.” Behold:

Oh, dear me. Look, I can see the Huns approaching!

Bonus points for whoever gets the title reference.

UPDATE: At the end of the video, Shuster apologizes, and refers to the broadcast as a “daytime, family-oriented” program. Right. ‘Cause you just know all the kids who are out of school for the summer are sitting indoors, watching cable news. This is just like that time Mr. Rogers had that unfortunate attack of Tourette’s.

6 thoughts on “Again? This Stupid Country.

  1. Oh, but how they laughed when Pat Buchanan urged Todd Palin to murder Levi Johnston! That was just wacky fun with Uncle Pat!
    Village values are sick, twisted, stunted things.

  2. I would imagine any third grader has heard the term, and any sixth grader knows what one is. These people who get upset over language never had a kid in public school, that’s for sure.

  3. The worst part of this bullshit is they have a shiny object to focus on – how “crass” Marcy’s word use was, instead of focusing on the absolute truth of the statement she made. Her word use just laid it out there, as starkly as possible, the absurdities of what that asshat was saying.
    Plus, they’ll use it as an excuse to blacklist her, when her clear mind and understanding of the evils done in our name should be given a much bigger platform.

  4. Ha, when I was in 3rd grade I got thrown out of catechism class for telling a joke about blowjobs.

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