You know, I’m no fan of grafting human ears onto mice because that shit just looks weird walking around, but you know what nobody worries about? Human-meerkat hybrids. I’ve seen that show once or twice, and those crafty little fuckers are already looking for ways to rise up and conquer human civilization. Give them thumbs and access to the Hair Club for Men and it’s all over for us.


8 thoughts on “MANIMAL!

  1. I’m, of course, groaning that my Senator is a co-sponsor and I don’t mean Bitter Vitter. Post going up later. I need an adult beverage right now…

  2. I have a question for Sens. Brownback, McCain, Ensign, Graham, Landrieu (aw fuck it! All the usual suspects):
    Are you guys (and girl) really getting paid to pass this ridiculous bullshit!!???

  3. Who’s the target of this legislation, anyway?Dr. Kirk Langstrom? Next they’ll be proposing a ban on human-ape transmogrification, as though that’sreally going to stop Gorilla Grodd’s nefarious schemes.

  4. As y’all clearly haven’t seen it yet, there are already Centaurs running all over Hogwarts ! What will it take to get you people to wake up?
    What gets me is that there actually is a real danger of viral mutation and spread from using animal parts for humans (e.g. – for a period, pig heart valves used to replace defective human heart valves. Experimentation with ape livers for human livers).
    But the 6,000 year earther repubs, instead of looking at reality, are looking at this instead (and totally ignoring that the chromosome structure of different species is different enough to limit human-horse hybrids all by itself).
    Oh, and I’m guessing Adrastos is from LA? If so, haven’t you heard of the lizard man of the bayou? In SC, Bishopville also had a lizard man in the swamps. So this has already begun!!!!

  5. I like to think of it as the most literal means of protecting Our Precious Essence that we’ve found yet.
    Is Leon Kass involved in this somehow?

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