Somebody need to slap some sense into the batshit stupid Chicago media this week:

Fortunately, the name change won’t affect the skyscraper’s architecture. But it will blur the skyscraper’s identity—and Chicago’s identity, too.

Oh, please. Something about this reminds me of people who name their cars. It’s sort of cute but it’s also sort of creepy.


4 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. naming cars isn’t creepy, if they are not silly. SS queen victoria was a good name for my 72′ delta 88. and smokey, the cigarette burned camry fits. but the blue 73 new yorker? blue barge was fitting as well.

  2. My burGUNdy Focus is named “Nola Rouge”. As I drove ‘her’ off the lot 2-1/2 years ago, there was a crescent moon in the sky, made me think of New Orleans. And her red color made me think of my then* fave shop in the French Qtr “Rouge Beauty” so there you have it.
    I like naming my cars.
    *sadly it didn’t survive post-storm New Orleans for long.

  3. And for all the sponsorship $$$ thrown the way of building management/ownership for naming rights…here in Houston, it will always be “Texas Commerce Tower” (not the current “Chase Tower”), the Transco Tower (not the Williams or whatever it is this week), the Summit (not the “Lakewood Church””Joel Osteen ministries””obscenely sweetheart deal for the Osmond of Non-Denominational Domination from the city of Houston”…) to me. It’s also Intercontinental Airport – not Bush Incontinent…
    And up in College Station it will ALWAYS be Jersey Drive, not Bush Drive!!!!!

  4. oh, new ‘names’ can be ignored. somebody paid to ADD their name to lambeau field, but it’s still lambeau field.

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