6 thoughts on “While We’re On The Topic, Happy Franken Photo

  1. I don’t trust Pickens one smidgen. I used to live in the Texas Panhandle, and he spent a lot of effort trying to sell our water out from under us to ship down south. If he’s pushing wind energy, it’s because he thinks he’s figured out a way to sell air.

  2. al franken is like us. he never forgets. and he is a fighter and a democrat. a fire-breathing democrat. good on him. don’t let the weasels off.
    i like.

  3. T. Boone Pickens has never said or done anything that he didn’t figure, beforehand, would line his pockets.
    He’s sucking water out of the Ogalalla as fast as he can, and he’s pushing natural gas for private vehicles because he thinks it will drive up the value of his gas holdings. He wants wind farms because he’s got an angle.
    Shake hands with that man and you’d better count your fingers afterwards. Franken was right to treat him as he did. In the dictionary, under “predatory capitalism,” it says, “see T. Boone Pickens.”

  4. Truthtelling is a feud, now?
    How low can the country go?
    Cutting T. Boone Highpockets dead would’ve been a-ok in my book, too. The greediest guy in Texas recently said he was giving up on wind power — too hard to ship it out of the Panhandle.
    (That’s another thing. Thes 80-foot-tall “turbines” are a great idea, if you’re powering a castle. But — and tell your homeowners’ association to go eat a frog — windmills are pretty user friendly, and as late as the 1970s were not uncommon on farms / ranches. Some still fill stock tanks out here in West Texas.)

  5. I Like Franken and am glad to see him elected.
    But the picture you have, looks like he has multiple arms on the left side – kind of like a sci-fi insect monster. 😉

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