No self-respecting Republikkkan wants to be caught dead with Chimpy.

President Bush plans to visit New Jersey today to help raise money for the state’s cash-strapped and victory-starved Republican Party.

If southern New Jersey Republicans are any indication, though, the welcoming party will be rather small.

State Sen. Nicholas Asselta, R-Cape May, Cumberland, Atlan-tic, will be busy attending events in his district.

So will U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd.

Cape May County Republican Party Chairman Donald Von Savage will not be there, either.

State Sen. James “Sonny” McCullough, R-Atlantic, said he would like to go see the president in Edison Township but he must attend a meeting of the Egg Harbor Township Committee, which is voting on the municipal budget.
McCullough serves as the township mayor and said his constituents would not appreciate it if he were a no-show.

“If it was closer to home, I would go,” McCullough said. “I wouldn’t insult the president.”

The timing of the meeting could be a blessing in disguise for McCullough.

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