Weekend Question Thread

What does your dream house look like?


21 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Ruth says:

    A converted barn or chapel with plenty of original features in rolling but rugged English countryside, probably somewhere in Yorkshire or points north. Plenty of space inside, manageable but picturesque garden.
    One day.

  2. Delta says:


  3. coldH2Owi says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright’sFalling Water.

  4. spinkbottle says:

    I live in it now: essentially a large bookshelf cleverly disguised as a little house. With a little garden, four dogs, three cats, and assorted other satellite pets. With a view of South Mountain from the fron windows.

  5. liprap says:

    I echo the cleanliness ideal Delta expressed, but I do love my house. It needs the bathrooms, kitchen and attic room redone, and it needs to be moved closer to a beach, but it’s a glorious old place with large windows and an upstairs balcony that is perfect for when the samba troupe passes us by on Mardi Gras day.

  6. pansypoo says:

    plopped in a forested lake. painted black, or stone. lot of windows. inside a lot of wood. that’s as far as i have planned. and now i guess have to think green.

  7. dancinfool says:

    Actually, any place onOia, Santorini, Greece!

  8. Michael says:

    I’m happy with what I’ve got — not quite 100 year old bungalow but somewhat modern interior — with a few modifications, like maybe a camel back add on…and a New Orleans, instead of Baton Rouge, location.

  9. Sandman says:

    Something in a blue state would be just fine; the closer to the Canadian border, the better.

  10. MapleStreet says:

    I hear you, Sandman. Neighbors that aren’t quoting Rush would make life so much easier.
    Since I love nature and technology, my dream house would have the ocean on one side, the Alps on the other, but be in the middle of long flat bicycle trails.
    Inside, I’d love a 60″ screen.

  11. racymind says:

    I like a house to have a nice place to sit out front, somewhere the rain can’t easily get to you. And at least a few trees. I like to sit and watch the rain.
    And I finally think for sure I’d like it to be somewhere not so hot as Houston.

  12. Tommy T says:

    I’m there already.


  13. gil mann says:

    It’s a lot like the one I grew up in, but kinda chiaroscuro, plus it’s a little more… OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GIVE A SPEECH AND I’M NOT WEARING PANTS.

  14. gil mann says:

    And when I woke up, the italics tags were gone!

  15. gil mann says:

    One more dream sequence, “Prince of Darkness” style.
    Now I’m up.

  16. gil mann says:

    Okay, apparently fixing this is beyond my ken. Sorry to slantify your thread.

  17. herodotus says:

    A treehouse near the Pacific Ocean. Maybe in a Madrone tree, if possible. With a slide to get down to ground level.

  18. Interrobang says:

    It looks something likethis — an old-style house rendered entirely in modern materials. This photograph, incidentally, is my proof of concept.

  19. oyster says:

    I likethis place in Italy. Cool basement.

  20. Passive solar home with Italian influences with entry, courtyard, and house garden. Cistern water conservation. Geothermal heat pump. Maybe a small wind generator if I can get away with it.

  21. BuggyQ says:

    Given my recent experience with a snotty anonymous note from “neighbors” about the state of our yard, I think you’ll understand why the loft apartment thing has great appeal to me. Ideally, it’d be above a storefront with extensive storeroom space so we could have my husband’s gallery and studio space all under one roof.
    And a big honkin’ kitchen.

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