Beck-Ola 2009

It seems to be 9/12 sign day here at First Draft. My post was finished and waiting in the bullpen beforeAthenae threw that hard slider so I added this wee intro. This group blogging thing is harder than it looks.

Speaking of groups: The original Beck-Olawas a 1969 elpee (you know, one of those round black vinyl doohickeys with a hole in the middle) by the Jeff Beck Group whereon the guitar god was joined by Rod Stewart and Ron Wood to make some heavy blooze rock.<cue power chords>Beck essentially created the template for Led Zeppelin and countless others but was too restless to cash in. BUT that’s not the Beck-Ola in question, it’s my pet name for the Glenn Beck inspired hootenanny (hate-enanny?) they had in Washington last weekend.

There are some pretty remarkable Beck-Ola 2009 photos floating around the internets this week. Most are your common garden variety Obama is a Hitlerite Commie Fascist dictator who wants to take your guns away and force your womenfolk to have abortions. My favorite is below and it’s rather inventive; presenting an unlikely trinity of Stalin, Mugabe and Obama:


I stumbled onto the picture on a Flickr page dubbed theNineTwelve Photos photostream. They have all sorts of zany pictures of Paultards, Freeperazzi and other assorted nutjobs at the demonstration. These are, of course, the folks who some in the MSM keep assuring us are just ordinary Joes who are angry but NOT bigots; a point amply supported by this comment on this picture at Flickr:

“Mugabe is a NEGRO and so is BARACK OBAMA and
they’re both COMMUNISTS just like STALIN so
you’d better watch out, Dems – you’re not
fooling ANYBODY with your NEO-STALINIST

Maybe not.

Hmm, this explains so much: my cravings for borscht, ballet and hyperinflation in particular. We’re all Neo-Stalinist Mugabe-ites. Who knew?

Well, at least the marchers aren’t sexist, he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, but their anti-Three Stooges bias really ticks me off


It’s time to bring this exercise in semi-coherent thought full circle and back to the Jeff Beck Group. I don’t know about you but contemplating Beck-Ola 2009 has got me all shook up:

7 thoughts on “Beck-Ola 2009

  1. while georgee may have made us mad + nervous. obama has these idjits wetting their pants in fear. i love it. GET OVER IT!.
    move on.

  2. On a practical level, how do you talk to these people?
    My next door neighbor is proud that his facebook page endorses Palin. Its hard enough talking to him about other topics. Then, before long, he’s gonna go on a talk repeating what he heard from Rush (it doesn’t matter who it came from. You can look on the internet page and get the facts – if it is true, it is true).
    Typical rambling that as soon as you debunk one crazy idea, he just shifts to another.

  3. It’s well nigh impossible to talk to them. They just repeat what they’ve heard on Fox news and seem to have given up on the possibility of independent thought. It’s a hard time to be a Southern liberal.

  4. Adrastos, I agree that original and cogent thought on matters of public policy is in short supply, but that shortage afflicts both sides of the aisle, politically speaking. I am conservative, but read mostly from the left, and there is little that I read that is not regurgitated thinking and re-warmed leftovers.

  5. As time goes by I think more and more that it is the sheer terror of being done to the way you have done others that lies at the heart of the teabaggers response to having a black president.
    I remember the same fearful response during the civil rights fight, as well as the women’s liberation movement.
    Sheer terror that the oppressed will have a turn at doing unto others as they had been done to.

  6. If you’re craving borscht, stay away from the Gold’s brand that comes in a jar. It’ll put you off the stuff for life.
    And as for the “doing unto others” fear…a recent talk I attended about sex and Judaism was intriguing for how many times the rabbi noted that men had to be reminded in the volumes of Talmudic responsa to please their wives sexually. Which says two things: the audience for the responsa was quite obviously much more male than female, and people STILL need to be reminded over and over again about matters of equality and social justice and how important those matters are.
    Even in the bedroom.
    Maybe if we talked about sex these folks would quit spewing all this bile…

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