More Malakatude From The King Of Nothing

Congressman Steve King’s mouth is the gift that keeps on giving. He’s once again in a tizzy aboutgay marriage and socialism:

If there’s a push for a socialist society where the foundations of
individual rights and liberties are undermined and everybody is thrown
together living collectively off one pot of resources earned by
everyone, this is one of the goals they have to go to, same sex
marriage, because it has to plow through marriage in order to get to
their goal. They want public affirmation, they want access to public
funds and resources.

Wow, “those people” are diabolical. So, the road to socialism involves wedding planners, caterers and bridezillas? Who knew? I guess Sullivan forgot to post the master plan…

UPDATE: Congressman Malaka must have had an extra bowl of crazy for breakfast. He’s now denouncing President Obama for being the evil mastermind behind ACORN or some such shit.Get thee to TPM for more madness and malakatude.


6 thoughts on “More Malakatude From The King Of Nothing

  1. Why yes, I remember it like it was yesterday… (rubs chin)
    When I was just a tiny young pre adolescent dyke child lusting after Diana Rigg and the ladies on Petticoat Junction and access to public funds and resources.

  2. OK, if same sex marriage leads to socialism (and we know the Nazi Socialist party gave the gays nice houses to live in, right?)
    and porn leads to homosexuality
    And I am excited that Sarah Palin winked at me.
    Then Sarah Palin is the start of socialism?

  3. all he knows is it won’t pay him, personally, as well as the current system does, because that man knows which side his bread is buttered on.

  4. i’m sure we’ll soon hear that the treasury department is awash in government farm support checks being mailed back from farmers in the iowa fifth. because that’s socialism.

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