Bored Now


Interestingly, according to the poll, support for a public option has
jumped 5 points since late August andopposition to it has dropped 8

Emphasis mine, because of course it has. I mean, honestly. It’s hard work, sustaining that level of crazy. It’s hard work spending each and every day tracking down fake statistics and bullshit anecdotes to sustain your phony outrage. It’s hard work simply maintaining interest in something for more than ten seconds when you have the attention span of basically a four-year-old on Pixi Stix, and ain’t none of the teabaggers impressed me much in terms of energy and focus, their dire threats to Go Galt notwithstanding.

So after you’ve had your little ragefest, and after you’ve exorcised your nutjobbery, and after some of your friends have started REALLY going off the deep end and calling for lynchings and shit, is it any real wonder people are starting to figure that eh, maybe it won’t be so bad after all? I mean, if it’s not so bad, giving sick people health insurance, maybe we can go back to watching TV.


5 thoughts on “Bored Now

  1. It’s to be expected. The wingnut sheep have to await each new meme, then have it translated into Asshole before they can figure out what move to make.

  2. Isn’t this what we get when the grown-ups ignore the tantrums?
    THIS is change I can believe in. BHO’s counter-attack strategy works — once again. Let the enemy expend their energy and show you all their cards. Then use those advantages to clobber ’em.
    Me likee.

  3. I rather like Obama’s approach. If you let your opponent go batshit crazy in public, and they do, then soon enough the mass of people will move away from them.
    But the degree of absolute zonkers BS coming out lately makes me wonder if the craziest and loudest of the crazies aren’t actually backers of what they purport to fight.

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