26 thoughts on “Title This Painting

  1. Cheaters Cheating Each Other.
    But I don’t understand Roosevelt in there. He took over massive amounts of land to form the National Park System. I thought that made him Satan in western states.

  2. Not a title, but a caption:
    “Can you believe those stupid sons of bitches keep electing us?!”

  3. I particularly like how they managed to make Nixon look vaguely like Bob Dole.
    How about an homage to Esquire Magazine, “Why Are These Men Smiling?”

  4. “Where are those losers Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, Taft, Harding, Coolidge and Hoover?”

  5. The guy in the Lincoln costume (Greenspan?) has an “I’m With Stupid” shirt with the finger pointing toward Ford. That’s why Gerald’s the only one not laughing heartily.
    As usual, W. is a passive participant as the Republicans with the cards run the game.
    Goddamn Eisenhower marking up Hell’s floor with his golf spikes again…

  6. Abraham Lincoln: “Oh yeah? Well, I don’t recall seeing any of you douche-nozzles on a $5 bill..”

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