5 thoughts on “Death Panels and Rationing

  1. Hadn’t thought of that angle, but you’re right. If you only have one kidney (either congenital, result of disease or surgical removal) the insurance company would go nuts.
    On a related topic, referenced in TP and Countdown last night, the un-honorable Neanderthal from GA gets and audience question. The person relates that they have severe depression (including a period of being suicidal – as a point of fact, depression has a higher death rate than a heart attack).
    The GA politico answers that you can always get treatement in the ER. Especially since the politico is a doctor and as part of his answer said he had treated many a person with depression, you’d think he’d know that it is not only more expensive to treat in the ER but also that depression requires a long-term relationship with the patient.

  2. i don’t understand why americans wouldn’t want to pay HALF the amount they pay for insurance to the government to cover a single payer, public insurance. insurance NOW doesn’t pay much. and why aren’t companies demanding the government help them save them from the rapacious health insurance industrial complex?
    oh yeah, the TEEVEE gnews.

  3. Maple, that … I … yeah, you can get great treatment in the ER for your depression. They’ll stitch up your wrists after you try to slit them, revive you after you’ve tried to hang yourself, and warm you up after you’ve made a hole in the ice on the river in January. It’s terrific.
    This asshole probably thinks depression is one of those made-up illnesses pussies get so anybody who really needs help should just snap out of it anyway.

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