Apropos of nothing..

p>Sorry for breaking out of my Monday morning restraints, but –here’s how to call attention to your protest.


p>BRUSSELS — After months of complaints by European dairy farmers
angry over low prices, protesters in Brussels on Monday poured milk
onto the streets, hurled eggs and other missiles, and started fires
that filled the air with black smoke.

Police helicopters hovered overhead as hundreds of tractors — and some cattle — blockaded the area outside theEuropean Union‘s headquarters while agriculture ministers met in an emergency meeting.

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5 thoughts on “Apropos of nothing..

  1. Citizens in Europe have far more courage than in the USA. Politicians have no choice but to listen to the citizens there, otherwise a general strike, a tractor jam up of the streets and highways, or other massive protests will be mounted. And, the cops don’t use guns and tasers and tear gas to dispel the protestors.
    Here, we are lucky if we can get a few thousand people to carry signs down the street for an hour, the politicians ignore us completely, and we risk great bodily harm at the hands of the police.
    Incidentally, I saw Michael Moore’s new movie, “Capitalism” yesterday. If we all wore white wool coats we would be indistinguishable from the other sheep.

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