5 thoughts on “American Meat

  1. I can see where that’d be a selling point — disease-ridden American meat is probably better for dogs than melamine-laden Chinese meat, for example.
    (I’m glad The Smirking Corpse hasn’t eviscerated food enforcement to US levels, despite wanting to do so — he hiresHarrisites.)

  2. Although I detest the proventialism of the commerical (its better because it is American – yeah right), I do have to stand up for the pet food company on the fact that a lot of pet foods (and fast food places) use imported meat.
    Of course the pet food industry can use parts that we’d rather not think about and also parts that wouldn’t be allowed in human food. So can’t use that spine in human food because of mad cow, feed it to fluffy.

  3. Somewhat tangential, the price of Milk has fallen so that many producers are killing part of their herd to decrease the supply in order to up the price.
    Why couldn’t there be a system for them to at least be able to donate the meat to those who are starving?
    Admittedly, dairy cows are older and probably a tougher meat. But nutritionally should be fine.
    Sure seems almost peevish to bury the cow instead.

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