The Idas of November

We had an extended summer in New Orleans this year. It was hot enough during Oktoberfest to melt your fricking lederhosen und wilt your wienerschnitzel but am I complaining? Hell, no. It was a blissfully dull hurricane season: we didn’t have toevacuate and kvetch about our dim witted city leadership even once. Why? The El Nino effect, which is very popular in these parts. Viva El Nino and viva Villa and Zapata while I’m at it…

There is, however, a storm named Ida that just smacked Nicaragua and Honduras around a bit. The Gulf waters are cool and there’s some sort of cold front coming down to steer its remnants away from us and over to Florida where it’s bound to interfere with Charlie Crist’s tan as well as his attempt to make himself over into a born again wingnut…

Where was I? What was the point of this post? Is there a point at all? Oh yeah, I wanted to post my favorite changing of the seasons tune. It’s about the transition from summer to winter and it’s calledFootprints by one of my all-time favorite British pop combos, Squeeze featuring the dulcet tones of Glenn Tilbrook, the witty wordsmithing of Chris Difford and the sublime ivory tickling of Jools Holland. I love a good show biz intro, too bad that wasn’t one:

One thought on “The Idas of November

  1. pansypoo says:

    summer? we had sprummer the whole season. or fummer.

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