The wingnuts are getting nuttier by the day and this time it’s not one of the big nuts, it’s a lesser nut, Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona. Mr. Shadegg pulled a really tacky stunt during the debate on the House health care reform bill. He brought ababy named Maddie to the floor and used her as a prop. It was hard to tell who was the ventriloquist and who was the dummy. No strike that: Mr. Shadegg was both and he should ashamed of himself for practicing babysploitation without a license.

After seeing that clip, I’m as maddie as hell and I’m not going to take it any more. Oh wait, that’s Howard Beale going off in Paddy Chayevsky’sNetwork but the Paultards, Beckheads and teabaggers have appropriated it so I can’t use it now. What a pity.

Did you notice Maddie trying to escape the clutches of Shadegg? She obviously didn’t sha-dig him and ended up shattered, shattered, sha-doobee:

6 thoughts on “Babysploitation

  1. I think British Parliament bans the use of props and notes during debate. I wish somebody who wasn’t an idiot in Congress would propose the same rule. ‘Debate’ is now a cross between a Ross Perot appearance on Larry King and Survivor: Maroon Island. I’m not a big fan of bells and whistles in my arguments but then I thought Mike Dukakis was charismatic so what do I know.

  2. And then according to Daily Show, another Congresscritter marches 2 tweens to stand by him as he orates. Apparently after this, the presiding person cautioned the body that visitors weren’t to be used as props.
    But doesn’t this match other stupid orations. I remember some congress critter with a posterboard drawing a circle and saying something like, “And this is little Cynthia who says she doesn’t want her daddy to …”

  3. Because none of us know what kids look like…least of all, us wimminfolk who shouldn’t be on the innertoobz. Or out werkin’ an’ lurnin’ and such – least of all, ‘thinkin’…???? They’d rather women be chained to the homestead, bursting at the womb or ready to take another shot of jeeeeezus juice to get us that way again and not sassin’ our mens, or havin’ an ohpenyun ’bout nuthin’ other than what side dish for the church social next Sunday.
    We wimminses shuddn’t be aloud tah be seen outside tha hoem, unless our mens is with us. Drivin’ ourselves is the debbil’s werk.
    To all those CongressMEN who have actually gone through an unwanted pregnancy with their OWN functioning uterus behind their manly bits, a hearty good on ya…as to the rest of them w/no internal uterus, and have NO idea what menstrual cramps are, let alone a pregnancy scare – GET YOUR FUCKING ARSES OUT OF MY PERSONAL HEALTHCARE CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!
    (to the CongressWOMEN who are all about revoking coverage/right to have an abortion – you need to get your head checked…)

  4. if they wanna restrict abortion. we need to demand sex eduction and FREE contraceptives.
    that will make the catholics step back. AND NO VIAGRA!

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