Th-U-Ga Li-Fe

That’s right. It’s Schrödinger’s Tat.

I love nerds. Check out somenerd tattoos here, whence I so shamelessly hotlinked the above image.

And why in the hell is there no element with the symbol “G,” anyway? Gallium, Germanium, Gadolinium–why do they all get two letters? Stupid science, messing up a good joke.

5 thoughts on “Th-U-Ga Li-Fe

  1. Well, don’t just sit around complaining about the lack of element “G”, get out there and discover the damned thing and be done with it!
    Slackers. Sheesh.

  2. Love the nerd tattoos! I particularly like the DNA double helix ones! Very attractive around the ankle! But some of the neurons were pretty cool too! And you can’t beat those trilobites!

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