Tis The Season To Qualify

We do everything differently in New Orleans. WhileJude digs out from a blizzard and the rest of the country prepares for Chanukah and Christmas, it’s time for candidates toqualify for municipal elections to be held next February. That’s right, we have our elections early in the year when our thoughts are elsewhere; especially in 2010. The political class here prefers that the citizens not get too involved or turn out in high numbers so they can retain control.

I mentioned this year’s schedule being chock-a-block with stuff during the election season, check out the money quote (list?) from apost by nolablogger Pistolette:

We seriously need to consider beating the pulp out of whoever decides when to hold the mayoral election.

No, I cannot make this stuff up. Take a look at what Nola has to do (and prepare to do) for the next few months…

December 13, 2009: Saints v Falcons
December 19, 2009: Saints v Cowboys
December 25, 2009: Christmas
December 27, 2009: Saints v Buccaneers
December 31, 2009: New Year’s Eve
January 3, 2010: Saints v Carolina
January 6, 2010: Twelfth night, Carnival season begins
January 9, 2010: Saints playoffs game?
January 24, 2010: Saints playoffs game?
February 7, 2010:Superbowl XLIV
February 16, 2010: MARDI GRAS

Holy hell in a handbasket New Orleans. Did I leave anything out?

That’s right, folks, the election is not only during Carnival, the primary is the day *before* the Super Bowl. And this year’s Super Bowl *may* feature a team that will distract NOLA voters. Holy low turn out, Batman.

I’ll probably post a primer about the upcoming Mayoral election at some point but it’s time to get back to that old holiday (not hostiliday) spirit. I’d like to disprove the ugly rumor that all I do is post bad Christmas related videos by posting a good one:

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2 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Qualify

  1. Lovin’ the Barenaked for the Holidays album. Those guys created a beautiful melody for the Chanukah blessings. Seriously, it’d be nice if it were taught in all the synagogues.

  2. Went down to the Charleston Antique Mall at lunchtime today to sample some genuine Louisiana cuisine for a change from the bland fare usually proffered here in Vegas. If you find yourself in Vegas for a conference or trade show, or just to gamble your life savings away, drop me an email and I’ll get you directions to Lola’s. Owner Beth “Lola” Porknoy and staff make some mighty fine food. Fresh French Bread shipped in from New Orleans makes the Po’ Boys extra tasty and the spice mix on the blackened catfish was extra fine. When UNLV goes on holiday break between Christmas and New Years, the wife and I will try some evening dining. And make sure to buy one of Lola’s LouBreesiana t-shirts and support the Saints and their marvelous quarterback while you’re there.

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