A Must Read Article

New Orleans Times-Picayune city editor Gordon Russell was a crack investigative reporter before his promotion last fall. Gordon is one of the MSM types in New Orleans who admits to reading the NOLA bloggers. In fact, he was on the politics panel at Rising Tide Tres (Trois?)

Gordon was also one of the reporters on the ground when New Orleans became hell on earth on 8/29/2005 and his reporting was one of the reasons that the Picayune won a Pulitizer Prize. Now that he’s an editor, Gordon doesn doesn’t write as often for the paper but when he does it’s a doozy. His piece on Sunday’s front page, Shot or not, dead or alive? Two men’s fates lost in chaos after Katrina, is one of the best things Gordon has ever done and that’s saying a lot. It’s a personal account of what he saw in the chaotic days after Katrina and the federal flood.

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  1. The man lying on his side on sidewalk doesn’t look to be in a position of someone Alive in police custody …I would think that would be lying on stomach with hands behind back or head.

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