The Best Part of This Debacle

Is that the idiot who fucked it all up is insisting he get credit for it:

Political Media president Larry Ward told that Political
Media, which collaborated with the Republican National Committee on, is filtering URLs posted the site on an hourly basis, using
manual and eventually automated techniques.

“Our objective is to keep it clean,” said Ward. “We’re not going to
remove someone who puts on Barack Obama’s page, we’re not going
to remove somebody who puts it on the communist page. The links that
we’re going to edit are the pornographic ones, the lewd ones –
obviously those type of links or anything that is overtly … hateful,
we’re going to remove those.”

He’s not worried about the volume of prank URLs presenting a
filtering problem because automating filtering, which could have been
implemented before launched but was not, will help its staff
manually delete the links, and interest in pranking the system will die

“We’re going to do a pretty good job at it,” said Ward, who
clarified that while the Republican party collaborated on the creation
of, the site is officially property of his Republican-affiliated
new media consultancy, Political Media. “We’re building a filtering
system which should be in place shortly, and on top of that we’re going
to manually monitor and block the IP addresses that post that kind of
stuff, and eventually, the novelty of it will wear off and we’ll get
less pranks, so to speak. But in the meantime we’re just going to
monitor it on an hour-by-hour basis and make sure that it’s used for
the purposes for which it was intended.”

Guys, I don’t even know. I don’t even know how their minds work anymore.

1. Create enormous clusterfuck

2. Insist on receiving credit for same

3. When no one hires you to create another enormous clusterfuck, blame liberal bias

Is that it? Because otherwise I don’t get AT ALL why you would want your new media consultancy/political marketing scam to be associated with the best fail on the Internet all day yesterday.

“Terms of Use: GOP.AM was created as a free service to make posting
long URLs easier. If you use it … to promote lude content, your GOP.AM
URL will be disabled.”

Lude. Would you hire these people to promote selling ANYTHING you had?


20 thoughts on “The Best Part of This Debacle

  1. Why wouldn’t I take credit for it. It is awesome. HuffPo even gave it a decent write up. Don’t be a hater. isn’t going anywhere. I am proud to be releasing the first branded link shortener for political use. You would be to if it was your idea.
    If you want an interview so you can ask the tough “First Draft” questions. Feel free to call, write or whatever.
    Oh yeah – typo’s suck – Great job catching that one.
    Larry Ward
    Political Media, Inc.
    406 1st Street SE, 3rd Floor
    Washington DC 20003
    Phone: (202) 558-6640

  2. Hey Larry: Typos (not “typo’s”) do, indeed, suck. There’s another one in the last sentence of your first ‘graph, not to mention your hilarious use of that very possessive typo. If I were you, which I’m not, I’d get a copy ofEats Shoots and Leaves and read it, learn it, live it.

  3. “eventually, the novelty of it will wear off and we’ll get less pranks, so to speak. ”
    Poor little dude obviously hasn’t spent much time on the internet.

  4. “Less” pranks? Try “fewer,” Larry. You’ll getfewer pranks. Also, while the Valkyries of the Pen around here are copy-editing your shitty post to shreds, generally interrogative statements (such as “Why wouldn’t I take credit for it.”) end with this symbol –?, which is called a “question mark.” Perhaps you are familiar with it? Also, that’s “you would be too.” “To” is a preposition; “too” is a synonym for “also.” I have a copy of theLittle, Brown Concise Handbook of English Grammar and Usage that wouldlove to make your acquaintance. Perhaps I’ll send it to you. Consider it a gift. You seem to need it, especially if you’re going to be making public-facing comments like that.
    Currently, the image you’re conveying is, “The Republican Party, home of smug, smarmy know-nothings and illiterates since 1968.” Is that what youreally want? Classy, man, classy…

  5. RAM – You got me AGAIN – grrr.
    The funny thing is my wife bought me that book for Christmas. Yes, I did sneak a look in the closet. She is always on my case about “typos”.
    Interrobang – I am genuinely proud of my team for creating – Not being smug.
    As for Lude-Lewd – I believe we have one of the most talented programming and design teams in the business. We will all work on spelling and typos.

  6. It is “awesome,” in the same way that your (lack of) literacy is “awesome.” I admire your ability to leverage a barely functional grasp of English and a barely functional grasp of programming and the Internet into an alpha release of a URL shortener. Perhaps you can use your ultra-wicked design and self-promotion skills to whip up a resume and look for a real job. Oh wait — most real jobs require basic writing skills.

  7. Can someone please explain to me why I would use this… service? If I were sympathetic to the GOP, I mean. If I understand the article, it’s site that shortens URLs (a service that already exists), adds an animation of Michael Steele to the page you’re navigating to (annoying to everyone, GOP or not), and has a button to let you donate to the RNC. Again, why?

  8. It’s probably impossible to improve on Interrobang’s comment, but I do have a couple of items to add.
    You created the first “branded link shortener for political use”, and here’s a cookie, I guess. What that actuallymeans, though, is that you’ve self-limited your service to the 20% or so of the population that’s still willing to identify with the GOP brand (according to recent polling). Additionally, you made it possible to place GOP brand identifiers onany link, and somehow entirely failed to anticipate that there are some people on these here Internets who might use that ability in a more mischievous fashion than you intended.
    That indicates a basic unfamiliarity with the way things work out here (if you build it, they will troll…), and it doesn’t exactly speak well of you or your firm. It’s possible that your client base is even further out of touch than you are, and therefore won’t notice. You can rest assured, however, that the vast majority of young people–you know, the ones the GOP is doing such a piss-poor job of appealing to, lately–did notice. It’s why we’re laughing at you.

  9. Why is the country code for an website run by an American political party using an Armenian designator? What’s wrong with .US? Link it or leave it bitch.

  10. The project is actually built on top of an open source project. You’ll notice that it looks similar to, because that project was open sourced. Don’t know why they are taking so much credit for throwing the gop banner at the top.

  11. In other words, “Look at us, we’ve brought the Internet back to 1997 by reinventing the popup ad!” The “innovative application” of your technology was performed by the pranksters on your first night of launch; now it’s just a sad way of reducing screen real estate.

  12. Hilarious. It’s really too bad that within a couple of days, the “pranksters” had already moved on, and people had stopped clicking links because they assumed the links would take them to lewd sites they weren’t interested in. Thank goodness that day and a half are behind us.

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