Small Solace and Some Comic Relief


As to the latter, we’ll always haveParisBachmann, the small comfort I’ll take in light of the remnants of Health Care “Reform” is that, despite the cretinous efforts of the puny minded (Lieberman, et al), I’m still optimistic…if nothing else, the global market has already addressed the issue of health care, and the United States’ system is recognized for the pathetic boondoggle it is.

And I’ll also take small comfort in the knowledge that history paints with a broad brush, and that when all is said and done these same self-important clowns will one day be as obscure as Champ Clark or John Taylor Robinson or other “giants” of any particular era. About the only real difference between them and others will be the harsh glare of history that will judge them for the vainglorious creeps that they are…

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