How it catches you from falling and how it slips away

December: not my favorite month.

During the best of Decembers, I’ve usually kept my head down, trying to just plow through it. And there hasn’t been a really great December in a couple of years, though I have to say, with respect to the country, the last one felt better than today.

A year ago, we were pissed about Rick Warren at the inauguration, we struggled to accept that Cheney, Bush & Co. would never pay for their 8 year spree, we laughed at Blagojevich’s hair. I was cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. Yeah, we knew the right would lose their minds, we kept reminding ourselves the new POTUS was at best a centrist, we knew it wasn’t going to come up all roses, but if you had told me then where we’d be today, with a Democratic majority and a Democratic President, watching health care circle the drain, I would have chided you for being cynical.

You raise your glass and may exclaim

“I’ll put my hands on the truth by God”

but it’s faster, love, than you and me

faster than the speed of gravity

9 thoughts on “How it catches you from falling and how it slips away

  1. The build-up to Xmas is the most annoying time of year, post-Xmas is much easier to deal with.

  2. very disappointed in Obama and Administration. We can kick Lieberman all we want (and we should, he’s a putz) but the White House “11 dimensional chess” appears to have benefited no one but the insurance and pharma cos.

  3. During the Bush years it was, “What fresh hell is this”? Every fraking day.
    Now it is, “What old hell is this?”
    Bush not only isn’t getting blamed for his pain, the whole world seems to forget what he came into.
    Would getting justice help us now? I think one thing that I learn from this is that the media never look back, it’s boring. So we should create new stories that give them permission to talk about old stories.
    They need news hooks.
    We could tie some new stories to old ones.
    Taxes on the Rich:
    “How much did Tiger pay in taxes last year?
    Did Tiger babes pay taxes on their ‘Tiger Tips?”
    the IRS wants to know.
    “I slept with Tiger Woods and all I got was this lousy T-shirt and $120,000 tax free dollars.”
    See, you combine sex scandal with taxes on the rich! Voila!

  4. (as I posted on Dependable Renegade)
    Dear Mr. President – Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of your Hope? Your promised Change? Your Congress? Your Lobbyists? Do you have ANY idea what a further laughingstock this country will become once your “healthcare” (ha!?!) plan takes effect and people are sent to JAIL because they won’t buy into this wretched and unconscionable “scheme”!??! Seriously!???! Other countries that have National Health Services, Single Payer Plans – that function JUST FINE and have a healthier populace for it. We are sliding downhill fast, and this slipshod “plan” to further our position as ‘cogs’ in the health insurance (for there is very little ‘care’ supplied for our monetary input) machine is paved with adulterated ‘intentions’. Lip service, that’s all We The People have been given when we believed you and elected you as our leader. You have failed us. You did not go to bat for us as we stood up for you. You are just another politician who cannot see past his pockets and those of his ‘friends’. You are a disappointment. I hope Grayson puts his hat in the ring to run for the Democratic spot in 2012, he has at least proven he will stand up for us.

  5. I keep repeating to myself “he’s only been in office one year”, but it’s hard to hope when all I see is the same old, same old.

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