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Just a quick note to thank you for all your kind words about my grandmother. My family has been reading your comments and is immensely comforted by all the good thoughts being directed our way.

I get infuriated by the usual stories that pop up about how the Internets are ruining our ability to communicate with one another in any meaningful way. I’ve gotten to know so many wonderful, kind, generous folks through the blogs and whenever I’d talk about any of you to the family, it’s never, “this random dude who I don’t even know if he ‘s a real dude or not said this the other day,” it’s “my friend said this.” You’ve given me and mine a whole other network of support and warmth at a time when it was really, really needed. Thank you again.


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  1. I’m with ya, A. I’ve met some great friends on ‘da webs’ over the years, a few of whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet in person. Ain’t been disappointed yet.

  2. I’m so sorry, A, and sorry I missed saying it the first time around. The only thing wrong with the internets is that the hugs are only virtual, but words will have to suffice. I hope you and your family can continue to find solace in them.
    We’ve been going through a scare with my grandmother, who’s still feisty at 95. My mom was so frustrated with the hospital and the insurance yesterday she was about ready to set Grandma loose on them. (It coulda gotten ugly. I’m really hoping they don’t push us today. Grandma would take them apart with a look.)
    It was amazing reading your words about your grandmother: the entire first 1/3 could have been about mine. That generation grew ’em tough. I’m hoping mine can tough it out a little longer, just for our sake. But if she does have to go, I really hope there’s an afterlife so she can meet your grandmother. I think they’d like each other.

  3. I’ve been a member of three good online communities so far, two of which have fallen apart. The blogs are the third, and still hanging in there. In some ways, these are the only “home” I’ve ever really known.
    Thank you, Athenae, for doing your part to hang up samplers and family photographs in our online home. All the lonely people out there who never feel like they fit anywhere in the real world say thanks again.

  4. Yer a good person, Athenae. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read your words and share your hopes and dreams.
    First Draft is first class.

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