Que es mas macho?

Obama-looks-to-space T1larg

So what is our POTUS thinking about right this minute?


No, not jobs like work.Jobs, like Steve. Obama is totally wishing he had Steve’s job, I bet. “Fucking Jobs! He’s got it easy. People WANT to hear what he has to say. He’s had his most profitable year ever. Damn, I hate that guy.”

In fact, according tothis poll, 69% of respondents thought today’s unveiling of the Apple Tablet was more important than theState of the Union address tonight, which only 27% believed was bigger.

The moral of this highly un-serious story? We need shinier, more awesome Democrats.


10 thoughts on “Que es mas macho?

  1. Thanks, Jesus. my bad. Even the old SNL routine got it right so I got no excuse.
    and karen marie, snerk… “reigning”

  2. He’s damned good at the speechifying. The actually doing something and not knuckling under to his corporate masters, not so much.

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