Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome back to the Booster, now complete with Retsyn!

– Here’s one of those things that drives me crazy: People
who either lie or exaggerate in an attempt to make me feel better when they are
actually having the opposite effect. Case in point: I’ve got The Classic out of
storage for the summer. (Yeah, yeah, it’s only 48 degrees and rainy, but I
wasn’t waiting any longer…) The first project I wanted to have someone else do
was the radio. I’ve wired dozens of radios into various cars, but I figured
with an older car and some other power issues (needs a consistent feed, needs a
switch off feed etc.) I’d be better off blaming someone else if something goes
wrong. I bought the radio at Best Buy yesterday and told them I’d be returning
to have the thing installed the next day. “How long is this going to take?” I
asked the guy in charge. “45 minutes. Hour max,” he assured me. He told me that
since I had pretty much all the hardware, I’d pay $45 to install plus $5 extra
for shop supplies. OK, fine. Brought it back today at 12:20 so they’d have it
and was told I probably wouldn’t get this thing back before 3 p.m., because
it’s “complicated.” The car has two original wires on it and a feed off the
cigarette lighter which powered the old radio’s consistent feed. All of this is
easy as hell to do (I know. I’ve done it.) After that, the guy hooks up the
four speakers that are wired and already in and marked up for him. He also told
me he’d probably have to charge me an extra $40 for the extra time. Had the guy
at the place yesterday told me, “Look, it’s $100 and it’ll take 3 hours,” I’d
have probably still done it but I wouldn’t have slated the slot between when I
had to drop The Midget off for school and when I need to get her.

Thus, I’m pissed, I’m worried about looking like a bad
parent and I’m cranking out a booster shot while siphoning free Internet from
the local Culver’s, where I ate lunch.

At least something has come of this…

Can someone please tell Carly Simon no one gives a shit?
Seriously, if you don’t like David Geffen or you don’t like Mick Jagger or
David Bowie or whoever enough to write “You’re So Vain” about him, that’s fine.
People have given up on trying to find this out and really never gave a shit in
the first place. It’s not like you were protecting “Deep Throat” or something.

– Speaking of 1970s music, Pink Floyd won its court battle
against EMI
, preventing a track-by-track downloading of their concept albums.
Someone needs to explain to Pink Floyd that not only is the band costing itself
millions of dollars in this approach but that no one gets as stoned as they did
in the 1970s anymore, thus limiting their desire to listen to a Floyd album
from start to finish.

– At KU, the student government is trying to axe a student
fee that has been used to fund the Daily Kansan student newspaper.
The argument
that the president of the student government has used is that they’re trying to
save money and this fee isn’t benefitting the students. The SGA kid has also said this is not retribution against the paper for publishing things the SGA doesn’t like. OK, I could buy this
(sort of) if the kid can make the case as to why they’re eliminating the $1.70
per student portion of the fee that would go to the Kansan as opposed to the
rest of the $4 per student fee that goes to supporting student radio and
student TV.

– From the “Doc’s Rules of Moronic Behavior” File: I’ve
always believed that people who are known for doing “outlandish things” will
eventually either a) stop shocking people and thus go away or b) finally cross
a line in the sands of coolness to the point where even the people who support
them will do the “Whoa… Hey!” thing.Enter Glenn Beck…

– From the “Deck Chairs on the Titanic” department: With the
ChiTrib in a freefall, the paper cutting staff and losing value, CEO Randy
Michaels stepped up to the plate and noted that there are 119 words he doesn’t
want to see on the air at WGN. (Insert your own “Here are a few other words…”
joke here…)

– And finally, apparently Torii Hunter thought Milton
Bradley had the market cornered on stupid comments andimmediately felt the
need break up that monopoly
. The only conversation that popped into my head
when I heard this issue on who or who isn’t an “impostor” black guywas this
one from “Go.”

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week.


8 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Doc, you watching college hockey this weekend?
    Sioux taking on the Gophers. Good news is, I’ll find it on the satellite dish. Bad news is, I’ll have to listen to that twit Frank Mazzacco. I do love playoff hockey.

  2. Forget Carly Simon, I’m still trying to figure out all the references in the lyrics from American Pie.

  3. About Beck, I assume he is against the word “justice” in social justice?

  4. Leinie- No hockey for me this weekend. On the road.
    As a final post script: It took the guys at Best Buy three stop backs and until 7 p.m. to get the thing done. It’s amazing now that it’s done, but holy God…

  5. See, Doc, I don’t want to harsh your mellow now it’s done, but … Best Buy is NOT a stereo store …

  6. I’d have to get really freakin’ high to listen to most of the crap that’s passed for music in the last 30 years. Gimme Pink Floyd over that any day.

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