Now We Love Sex Offenders

In addition to gay marrying you to a box turtle, abortions for everybody, and having terrorists over for tea:

The Republican National Committee has launched a new web site,,
that accuses President Obama’s judicial nominees of angling to edit the
Constitution to protect sex offenders and terrorists, outlaw prayer and
make health care a right.


Another one of their targets, Robert Chatigny, once ruled that a
Connecticut online sex offender registry was illegal because it didn’t
give non-violent offenders the chance to appeal putting their names on
the site. According to the RNC, this means Chatigny thinks “sex
offenders should not be monitored by law enforcement.”

Awesome. Outlawing prayer, too! Because that’s totally possible.

BTW, I don’t recommend actually clicking on the Obama v. Constitution site. There’s ominous auto-play music and the whole thing looks like a Geocities nightmare.


8 thoughts on “Now We Love Sex Offenders

  1. The right has completely given up trying to reach out to moderates. They just talk to each other, reinforcing their cultish fantasies and wondering why no one else can see what is so obvious to them.
    This is good for the rest of us, I guess. Or it would be, if the major media weren’t among their most fervent acolytes.

  2. See Ken Blackwell on TDS last night pimping his new book which is all about you guessed it, how Obama is destroying the constitution.

  3. Of course, because Bush The Younger was all aabout the Constitution. Well, except for some of those pesky amendments but other than the second one they don’t really count anyway.

  4. Let’s solve two problems at once: the terrible problem of prayer and the shortage of revenue in the states. Just outlaw prayer, then raid all churches every Sunday and fine all in attendance. I understand that this is the real reason Obama is so determined to get a law against prayer passed.

  5. You warned me not to click. I clicked anyway. This is the level of the RNC’s tech savvy?????
    I especially note the right side of the page prominently allows you to donate money.
    If the repugs don’t like letting folks appeal their placement on the register (it seems like any legal punishment has some right to appeal), perhaps we can put the RNC members on the register and see if they change their minds?

  6. I am totally behind outlawing prayer. Find all these stupid shitheads and send them to some place that believes all that crap, like Mexico. Then maybe we can get something done without them clogging up the works.

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