McChrystal Cracked

I’d come around to the McChrystal must go viewpoint so I’m gladit happened so quickly.Not only does he deserve to be shitcanned for mouthing off but his favorite beer is Bud Lite Lime. Holy girl drink, Batman.

On a serious note, I thought it was politically ingenious to slide Petraeus into the command slot. The wingers have expressed such unconditional love for him that it will be *harder* for them to gin up outrage over this.

7 thoughts on “McChrystal Cracked

  1. Under the UCMJ, McChrystal could face a court-martial. That won’t happen, of course. I don’t know when the last flag officer was brought before a court-martial in the US.
    What he said was so stupid as to be indefensible. That he got trashed on shitty beer and ran his mouthin front of a reporter means that he’s so incompetent he may as well be incapable of leading Rush Limbaugh to the Oxycontin buffet.

  2. So, how long before General (“Faintin'”) Dave puts the shive into General Stan’s “failing” effort in Afghanistan?“It was all going good until Stan went whacko…” Making The Man Who Would Be King eat the whole sh*tpile is a wise move.
    Next. BHO should ask for Gates’ and Mullen’s resignations since they are the ones so committed to the cause of McCrystal’s greatness.
    IMHO, practically every single 3- and 4-star officer should be canned as they are the ones most likely to have ascended to their rank based on the bad Rumsfeld-Dick Myers era. As a group, they are all suspect careerists first. And maybe warfighters sometimes.
    All I can say about Stan’s departure is what took so long to actually relive him of command? Jeebus.

  3. If we really want to face facts we have to acknowledge that there is no possible victory of the US in Afghanistan. Victory can only occur when the military has a clear objective, so clear that you can readily recognize it when you get near it, and a defined enemy to fight. We have neither in Afghanistan. To make it even more impossible, we are ostensibly fighting to support Karzai, but he is a puppet of our government, and one with most of his strings cut. My position has never been popular, but it is that there was never a time when our entry into war in Afghanistan was sensible. We were destined to fail starting with our first day there. Afghanistan is a problem that has no military solution.

  4. I don’t know when the last flag officer was brought before a court-martial in the US.
    Well, technically now that he’s been fired, actually having him face consequences would be looking backward, not forward, and we don’t do that anymore. Or so our president tells me.
    You’d be shocked at the stupid shit people will say to reporters, in front of reporters, etc, and alcohol makes things worse. Man, an interview like that, you just sit back and thank whatever journalistic gods have smiled on you and keep feeding the sucker booze.
    I wonder how much of what he said was said under the implied Villager code of conduct where one doesn’t get one’s friends in trouble and one’s friends are always the powerful people. And then the reporter was all, erm, maybe you’re confused because you ain’t seen a real one in a while but I don’t play that, bitch.

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