Vitter: “He handled abortion but not women’s issues.”

Bitter Vitter aka Diaper Dave aka Senator David Vitter is on the trail grinding out more lies about Brent the Knife:

After hisuncomfortable
candidate filing event
yesterday in Baton Rouge, Vitter faced the
press again — this time in Alexandria, where reporters again asked him
why Furer’s portfolio included women’s issues. According to Vitter, “he
handled issues including abortion issues, including several other
issues, but not women’s affairs.”

So, who exactly gets abortions? Men? Maybe Dave is confusing it with vasectomies, he’s not big on science, after all. He should also steer clear of using the phrase “women’s affairs” it’s quite evocative in his case. None of this is likely to defeat, Vitter, alas, but it’s fun to watch the nasty little sumbitch squirm.

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4 thoughts on “Vitter: “He handled abortion but not women’s issues.”

  1. I thought abortion was the only issue that existed for women, actually. After all, we are defined by our capacity to bear children. If abortion’s no longer a “women’s issue,” what do we have left to do?
    This being said, I can see Dave’s reasoning being that abortion should really be controlled by men. It’s none of our business, girls. Let’s leave all that up to the men who impregnated us and God, and get back to baking for the church fair.

  2. I can picture how the conversation went between Vitter and Furer after he gets busted:
    Vitter: Hey, boy, you got yer tit in the wringer. How’re we gonna fix this?
    Furer: Uh, gotta do sumthin’ to improve my image, ah guess…
    Vitter: Whah `ont I make you a sensitive guy and put you in charge of the office’s wimmen’s affairs?
    Furer: Whut? You mean like Dear Fuckin’ Abby?
    Vitter: Nah, just for the title, to make yuh look good. In fact, you’ll be doin’ anti-abortion stuff.
    Furer: That’s more my speed. Fuckin’ feminazi cunts.
    And a good laugh was had by all.

  3. You know what would defeat Vitter? Getting caught in some kind of prostitution ring! And also one of the hookers would say that “he liked to wear diapers”
    That would totally get him messed up with his religious voter Republican types!
    You’re kidding!
    Never mind.

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