The Hope of All Mankind

It’s like nobody lets me express myself anymore:

An example of that happened today. And it is a crying shame. We are
fighting for the future of not just this nation but for the future of
Mankind. That’s just a little more important than my fat head, or the
apparently even fatter head on Face the Nation Today who misrepresented
himself as the tea party “leader”.

I was in the air all day today winging my way home from a successful,
nationally broadcast conference on race in not just the tea party
movement but as a too common staple of recent political discourse.

Right. It’s just horrible when the political discourse is reduced, as it all too commonly is, to calling white racists racist instead of doing constructive things like talking about theNew Black Panther Party.

Last night I sat down around the same table with National Urban League
President (and former mayor of New Orleans) Marc Morial, Reverend Al
Sharpton and Project 21 Director Deneen Borelli. With us, via
satellite hook up, was NAACP Senior Vice President Hilary Shelton. We
hotly debated on the air and continued spirited yet friendly
discussions during the breaks. At the end of the show we parted with
the understanding and agreement that the division needed to be put
behind us and that each of us would do everything within our power to
realize that goal in order to facilitate real discussion and aunited front against the enemy that faces our country.

And what you will do, in your bold contribution, is post whiny essays on your web site about how you don’t intend to say any more on the matter because:

My disappointment was a grandstanding statement on national television
about expelling an individual (me) and my 34 other staff and performers
from a grassroots movement that does nothing more than support the
Constitution of theses United States because of the Constitutionally
guaranteed exercise of the Creator’s endowed freedom to thought and
expression is at least as damaging as the rest of the rhetoric that
Morial, Sharpton, Dorelli and Shelton hammered such a delicate end.

Wow. It’s almost like you’re realizing your fellow Tea Partiers are fuckwits, and the civil rights advocates you denigrated in your cutesy little racist rant are … right.


A more disturbing thought is that there is no secret that I am a
lightening rod. Honest brokers of ideas use people like me to open
doors. The dishonest use people like me to slam doors shut. The
question for Mr. Webb is answer is , which is he?

The more pertinent question would be what sick shit happened to you as a child that you describe yourself as a tool in the hands of others and think the real problem is what they use you for. Have some pride, man.

That is all I have to say on the matter and appeal to the panel with
whom I broke political break in New York last night not take Mr. Webb
as indicative of a kind of self-interested treachery to be expected
from our fledgling movement to save the American Dream of equality for

The who in the what now?

You know, you see enough punditry and posturing on the Interwebs, you read enough of it, you start seeing patterns. Things likefauxpologies, ie, I’m sorry if you were offended by my farting in your face. Things like “the lurkers support me in e-mail but I can’t post any of those e-mails because of Teh Privacy.” Things like, “Your argument is invalid becauseyou’re just like the mean girls in high school who made fun of me.”

Things like this, where this nitwitwhose previous public utterances would make George Wallace go “damn, Gina” is now bravely willing to put all of his fuckery aside so that America can be saved. Isn’t that generous of him? It’s so awesome, how he’s willing to let America forget that he was a total asshole that one time, so that the Tea Party can save mankind.

I almost can’t believe we’ve been granted the privilege of moving on from this divisive incident. Neither canCNN.


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