Maybe she should adopt the Quran burning preacher

That asshole cracker preacher in Florida isgetting a lot of attentionfor his threat to burn the Quran on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. Attention and face time on the tube is precisely what this douchebag wants. A handful of theso-called respectable neo-con Islamophobes are running away from Pastor Terry Jones BUT continue to whip up hate against Allah the Sky God whilst championing Jehovah the Sky God.

Angelina Jolie has now entered the fray. She’s on an humanitarian mission in Pakistan and has quite correctly denounced Pastor Terry Jones’ plan to burn the other team’s holy book. I’m not much of an Angelina fan but it occurred to me that she can be part of the solution to this problem. She should adopt the wayward Pastor, make him shave off his goofy mustache, send him to bed without supper and ground him until 9/12/2011. Direct action is often the best action. And if she can’t adopt him, maybe fellow adoptaholic Mia Farrow can do so…

If the adoption thing doesn’t work out maybe Monty Python’s Terry Jones can sue to reclaim his spot as the world’s most famous Terry Jones. Imagine this bozo biblethumper trying to engage the *real* Terry Jones in banter. There’s no genuine legal cause of action BUT the barracking in the press would be entertaining.

I’ll let Andy Partridge and XTC have the last word on the subject of burning books:

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4 thoughts on “Maybe she should adopt the Quran burning preacher

  1. I think it would be enhance the pastor’s statement, if he could be sure to attach the precise coordinates of his church and home to any videos of his book-burning. I am sure that he would not want any terrorist attacks that he incites, to be mistakenly directed (AGAIN) at the good people of NYC, who had nothing to do with this. He needs to be precise, too, because my brother lives in Gainesville, and I don’t think he deserves to be inconvenienced by this clown, either.

  2. Monty Python’s Terry Jones would wipe the ever livin’ floor w/the bogus preacher of same name. Far too smart to even attempt it, MPTJ has far better things to do with his time. (cue the nekkid-save-for-collar-and-cuffs TJ playing piano clip)

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