WWTFUS: Kitten Punch 3

In my mind, this is pretty much what the First Draft Crack Van looks like. Except with ferrets.

And speaking of the Van, I’m hoping it’s gonna roll for Election Night. Maybe it’s a little premature to pester Athenae about, but on the other hand it’s never too early to pressure wash the walls and shampoo that chartreuse shag carpet.

The Gossip, from their new albumMusic for Men.

6 thoughts on “WWTFUS: Kitten Punch 3

  1. And ham! I don’t see seat belts! 😉
    Viva the Catbus Crackvan!!! (SLAP)

  2. Della would love to eat some shag rug. She’s always nibbling on our sole rug. Good thing we prefer wood floors to carpet.

  3. Oh, we are so TOTALLY having a van on election night. I don’t know how to do election night anymore WITHOUT a van. I can’t imagine it. Do people really sit at home with no van and watch Tweety, like, unironically? SHUDDER.

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