Pee Wee’s Playhouse


To be honest, I’ve generally consideredPee Wee Boner to be the most reasonable of the Rethug Leadership Clown Chorus; however, that’s on a scale that’s skewed off the charts. It’s like saying that Pee Wee Herman is more reasonable than Charles Manson. Or John Wayne Gacy.

Anyway, my own .000000002 cents worth of post-election post-mortem is that yes, you can assign plenty of blame to the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration, the former living up to the Will Rogers adage about it not being an organized party, the latter trying so desperately to please conservatives that they ended up pleasing no one…but let’s also not forget that the press corpse has been particularly abysmal, sacrificing truth in the name of a ridiculous and entirely fictional “balance,” barely bothering to note thesteaming piles of hypocrisy emanating from aRethug party that for instance gets inches of paper and hours of air time to screech about the “failed” stimulus…while turning a blind eye to their glomming of the same for their states or districts. A party that denounces the health care bill that was basically their own position as recently as an election cycle ago.

Well, the next two years will be interesting…

5 thoughts on “Pee Wee’s Playhouse

  1. Pee Wee is also known for waving his boner in public. Uh oh, now that image is burned in my mind and it’s too early for a cocktail.

  2. You left out the media failing to point out that TARP was a Bush administration program. That Obama adopted the orphaned program is irrelevant, it is still a Bush program.

  3. it’s the economy stupid. people more convinced bush kept us ‘safe’ than obama prevented a depression.
    plus. midterms. the young just not into it. plus. o pushed them away.

  4. You simply don’t understand the First Commandment of the New Politics: “It’s OK If You’re A Republican. No matter what you do.”

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